5 Ways to Manage Huge Amount of Debts


Financial emergencies happen because of unforeseen events like medical accidents or unexpected bills from your credit card purchase. Debts can also occur because of unnecessary spending or money mismanagement. If you’re not mindful enough, it can lead to a large deficit and trap you in financial trouble. Getting stuck with debt is not a good way to live your life. So, you need to think of a debt management plan in Singapore that will help you gain financial stability step by step. To do so, let this article help you manage your vast debt.

What are the Causes of Debt?

As of the moment, you might feel worried if you ever achieve financial freedom in your life. The good news is that it is possible with the proper financial management and debt solution in Singapore. And the first step is to know the cause of your debt. Once you understand the reasons, you can now try to take action to change these habits into a better money spender. So, read the possible causes of debt you might be doing in this section.

  • Low Income Job – Sometimes, working hard is not enough if you’re underpaid. As a result, you might borrow money from friends, family members, or loaning centres. Although it’s not your fault to have a low-income job, the consequences can lead to high debts in the future.
  • Poor Money Habits– Your poor habits can also lead to high debts. If you can’t control your shopping spree, you might not notice that you’re trapping yourself in financial trouble. Instead of practising poor habits, why not learn more about the debt management plan to improve your financial situation.
  • High Cost of Living – There are places with high living costs, and some jobs may not offer you the salary you need. If you’re underpaid, you might resort to borrowing money, leading to more debts in the future.
  • Unforeseen Events – Unexpected events will force you to use money. For instance, you might experience a medical emergency or an additional tuition fee at your child’s school. As such, you might have no choice but to borrow money again.
  • Lack of Debt Management Knowledge – You can’t repay debt with more debts. The best way to handle this is with a debt consolidation plan or DCP in Singapore. It can help you manage your money without adding more financial stress.

There are more reasons why people have debt, but the essential lesson here is to know the root cause. Now, it’s time to learn how to have a successful debt management plan to pay off your borrowed money.


How to Manage Huge Amounts of Debt

Since money talks can be stressful, let’s try to breathe in and out before talking about vast amounts of debt. Yes, it may give you a headache when talking about this, but there’s always a solution for a problem. In this section, you’ll learn some tips that can help you develop a debt solution.

1) List All Your Debts

If you borrow money from different lenders, list down each name and how much money you owe. You’ll have an organised list of the things you need to repay. You can start with the smallest amount first before paying the enormous debt. Also, listing down your debt can help you see the bigger picture. It can help you know how much money you need to save to achieve financial freedom.

One thing you should do for the debt solution is to be mindful of how much you owe. This way, you won’t lend and lend more money until you get stuck in a debt trap.

2) Create a Financial Diary

You can also create a financial diary to track your spending and bills. You can be more mindful of how much money you gain and lose per month. It will give you an idea of how much money you can earn to repay your debts. Don’t forget to log all your spending so you can monitor your money habits. Set a limit on how much money you can spend for the day.

You can also include the money you earn per month in your financial diary. For instance, if you get paid during the 15th and 30th of the month, log the numbers to craft your debt management plan.

3) Seek Professional Help

If it seems like there’s no way out, it might be a sign that you need the help of a financial coach. A qualified financial coach can help you have solutions like debt consolidation in Singapore. Debt consolidation is taking out a new loan which then repays the existing debt. Your financial coach can also help you turn unhelpful money habits into a more effective one. Also, practice being disciplined so you can avoid wasting money.

Your financial coach can also guide you when planning your financial needs for the future. In doing so, you’ll be able to have financial stability as you grow older. You can start investing or getting insurance

4) Have an Emergency Fund

The goal here is not to have another debt. Therefore, you need to have an emergency fund to aid you during the unexpected time. Allot money to your emergency fund every payday to have a backup plan. It can also be part of your debt solution to help you achieve your financial freedom.

If you’re starting to put money into your fund, you can start with a small amount of money. For example, you can put 50$ to 100$ until you achieve your goal. This way, you’ll have a more secure future.

5) Pay Your Bills

Finally, don’t forget to pay your bills to avoid more financial problems. If you’re in the middle of a tight situation, make sure you have to stay responsible and avoid buying unnecessary things. It would be best if you also prioritised the debt management plan in Singapore to gain financial freedom. At this moment, it’s better to stay thrifty until you repay all your debts.

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