How to become an ISO for Merchant Services?


If you want to know how to become a merchant ISO, you are in the right place. This article will give you insight into how to become an ISO for merchant services.

Two kinds of ISOs are there in the credit card processing market, such as unregistered and registered. The fundamental difference between these two types is that a registered ISO happens to be an independent company, whereas an unregistered ISO is a sales agent. Unregistered ISO cannot have any kind of sub-agent, but the registered ISO is allowed to have sub-agents under them.

To become a registered ISO, an individual or business is required to register themselves with MasterCard and Visa and find some larger ISO or sponsoring processor. This step is very expensive and time-consuming. This is why it is not considered to be something that most of the agents look forward to. The main benefit a registered ISO gets over an unregistered ISO is that it is allowed to offer lower rates on the credit card services than that of the agents. Moreover, they have more control, as well as residual options.

The application process

The first thing is to find a company (either an ISO or processor) that an agent wants to resell for. As per the requirements of an agent, there are many companies that he/she can go for in this regard. Some of the processors may not allow any new e-commerce leaving a hole in that ISO’s ability to offer services. On the other hand, some other processors may have low reselling rates or high fees.

In the second step, the agent is to begin the registration process, which should ideally take around 6 months. It would be beneficial for an agent to hire some professional attorney having the relevant experience to complete the whole registration process.

While acquiring the MasterCard and Visa, personal history and business history will thoroughly be scrutinized. Personal and business credit and assets will also be checked. After this, the initial registration fee has to be paid with a single processor or IS. It is generally likely to be $1000 for the first year and $5000 for every subsequent year. In case some company is to register with multiple companies, then it will cost the same for each of the registrations.

After the application

If the application is completed, then the agent is supposed to wait. The MasterCard and Visa will then start their lengthy process to qualify an organization or individual as ISO effectively. In case there are some issues, then MasterCard and Visa will contact the sponsor. Then the sponsor will come to you to rectify things and send it back to MasterCard and Visa. Visa and MasterCard are never going to contact the registering company directly.

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And, in the realm of financial opportunities, exploring ISO agent programs is a strategic choice. These programs provide comprehensive training and resources for individuals looking to thrive in the competitive world of payment processing. Joining an ISO agent program can pave the way for a successful and rewarding career in the financial industry.