Making Your Site Stick Out By Going Offline


Possibly the best direct response marketing legends does not use email and insists people call or fax him to get his response.

I am speaking regarding the great Dan Kennedy.

Don’t let yourself be confused to begin with minute – Mr. Kennedy’s among the sharpest and current marketers there’s, anf the husband will not handle email queries as being a principle.


Because they values his time.

See, they understand men and women not give half just as much considered to write an e-mail since they do in order to writing a geniune physical letter, fax, or what they’ll say round the telephone.

There is a particular quantity of dedication and significance in the manner people a genuine letter nowadays.

But that is not the way used be, and also the key reason for this is actually… you suspected it – emails.

Ponder over it – 2 decades ago, nobody used emails, so our mailbox was full (Millennials studying this – You should go lookup “Physical Mailbox” within the dictionary), to make sure that all the junk e-mail demonstrated up that medium, and thus mail was less “important”.

Today, rarely are we able to get junk physical mail (usually just junk flyers and promos) therefore you harder to pass through your less crowded mailbox, making physical mail a far more “prestige” kind of communication., unlike what most online “experts” desire to believe.

And with regards to physical mail, there is no greater master alive today than Mr. Dan Kennedy, who uses it the lifeblood of his business, and that is exactly for you to think about this latest-old medium for your business too.

Like several things direct response – You should test interweaving it together with your online stuff –

Get physical addresses out of your leads then when they’ll use customers send them upsells and ticket product promotions in physical mail.

Two insanely awesome features that physical mail has and emails don’t –

Lumpy mail – how exciting will it be to get some big rattling box within the mail? I am speaking relating to your heart literally pounds harder simply by guessing what’s inside! The great direct response marketers know this and make use of that enthusiasm to obtain attention making a special type of buzz around their sales letters.

Grabbers – acquainted with immense success using the late great Gary Halbert (by Mr. Kennedy clearly), grabbers are things you’d stick to your physical letter that produces an unmatched quantity of curiosity in your readers. Mr Halbert’s classic example – in situation profits page pitches property you will need somewhat plastic bag full of some dirt there and discuss it within the letter and tie it using what you are selling, or fasten singleDollar bill to the top level letter when talking within the markets, and so forth.

With regards to grabbing attention and waiting in everyone else, you should not pull any stops in our busy markets, and there is nothing that can compare with curiosity driving physical mail to actually stick out like a nun within the brothel.