Ways to Get More Work Done During the Day


To increase productivity put in extra hours or work smartly. The day has many hours but the latter is preferable. Increasing your output at work is not rocket science. Nevertheless, it needs to be extra deliberate about time management.

Smart ways that can help to get more work done during the day

Track & limit time spend on tasks

Gauging time spent on various tasks looks easy but is not accurate. So, use a tool to keep track of how much time is spent on daily tasks including apps, social media, word processing, and email.

Take regular breaks

It doesn’t sound like a great move but it is because scheduled breaks enhance concentration. It helps to maintain a constant performance level, which otherwise can steadily decline when you work on tasks without breaks.

Self-impose deadlines

Stress is bad but manageable self-imposed stress is helpful to keep focused and fulfill your goals.

Follow ‘two-minute’ rule

The concept of this small two-minute window is to do a task that you are certain can be completed in not more than two minutes immediately. Completing it right away takes less time than when you get back to do it later.

Say ‘No’ to meetings

Before you say ‘yes’ to a meeting ensure whether the same goal can be achieved via phone, email or chat. Unproductive meetings consume plenty of your hours, which can be used to do some productive tasks.

Here are 5 more tips to consider, which can ensure maximum productivity.

  1. Reduce distractions, which is a gigantic productive killer.
  2. Quit multitasking because performing several tasks simultaneously results in loss of time and output.
  3. Perfection is a great thing but chasing the illusion to be perfect is a waste of time. You gave your best to the project, move on and if necessary, come back later to tweak it.
  4. Be proactive and not reactive.
  5. Have sound sleep and exercise in the morning because it is associated with better mood and high performance.