What are the Different Metal Zipper Options?


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There are now several types of metal zipper options available in the market today. These zippers are often made from different metals including alloy, brass, aluminum, zinc, and more. Metal zippers are ideal for pants, bags, jackets, and leather shoes. They also often come at higher prices compared to other types of zippers.

There are different kinds of metal zipper teeth depending on the manufacturing processes and the materials used. In general, metal zipper teeth can be categorized into Corn Teeth, Die-casting Zipper A Teeth/L Teeth, Normal Teeth, Swiss Teeth, and Y-cut Teeth.

Read on below to know more about these options for metal zipper teeth.

Corn Teeth

These corn teeth zippers feature teeth that look like corn placed on the two sides of the zipper tape at regular intervals. These teeth are wider as well as better polished when it comes to appearance, adding a luxury touch to the items where they are attached to. This is also why corn teeth zippers are mostly used for high-end luggage or garments.

Die-casting Metal Zipper A Teeth/L Teeth

Many of the metal zipper options today are made from copper but what makes die-casting zippers different is the fact that they are made using zinc alloy instead. When it comes to the process of manufacturing, the teeth of normal metal zippers are stamped directly from copper.

On the other hand, the teeth of die-casting zippers are made by forcing molten metal inside a mold cavity with the use of high pressure. This is why die-casting zipper teeth are best characterized by a much better dimensional consistency, smooth pull, and surface finish.

There are two main types of die-casting metal zippers, and these are A teeth and L teeth.

Normal Teeth

These normal teeth zippers are also known as round teeth zippers. This is because their teeth’ edges are noticeably much rounder. These zippers are commonly seen on garments, jackets, backpacks, bags, shoes, and many others. There are now many zipper suppliers that offer metal zippers with normal teeth.

Swiss Teeth

Swiss teeth zippers, also known as European teeth zippers, offer higher strength and are also more popular in Europe. With their very shiny and luxurious look of the well-polished teeth, these are usually applied to high-end handbag and clothing collections to create a fashion statement. Aside from this, the thickness of teeth also contributes to improving the grade of clothing and the warmth retention effect.

Y-cut Teeth

The appearance of Y-cut teeth looks like rectangles, and they also have sharper lines. Unlike the other types of metal zippers, Y-cut teeth offer higher production efficiency and boast better quality, which makes them one of the most popular metal zipper options today.

The use Y-cut teeth zipper is highly recommended for pants and jeans which require high-strength zippers that are plated in dull colors such as anti-silver or anti-brass to create a more vintage look. When attached to garments and bags, these can also be plated in different shiny colors such as shiny black nickel, platinum, light gold, and more.