What is Floor Plan? Why do you need a floor plan?


The floor plan is a technical drawing that represents a cut to one and a half meters from the base of the house or building, it is made on a certain scale with the real measurements of the property. With floor plan apps, it is possible to dimension the furniture, to have a notion of how the environments will relate, the circulation, the structure, how access will be given to the property, what is the relationship of the property with the external area of ​​the land.

What is represented on the floor plan?

The floor plans indicate the access to the property, the level of the floors, the names and openings of doors and windows, environments, the types of coatings, the design of the floor, the permeable areas of the terrain and the distribution. The furniture gives an idea of ​​the size of the environments and they may or may not be represented on the floor plan of a house. The architectural floor plan, along with the other sections and elevations of the project, are the basis for the complementary projects – electrical, hydraulic, structural, plaster, interior, landscaping, etc. Each professional who will complement the architect’s project, structural engineers, electrical, plumbing, interior designers, interior architects, and landscapers will use the floor plan to represent their specifications.

Where is the floor plan?

Floor plans can be made by hand or in software, the most common program to make house plans is Foyr Neo. It can also be combined with other plug-ins and software such as Sketch Up, 3D Studio Max, etc. to generate realistic 3D perspectives of the project. Foyr Neo itself has the possibility to model the house in 3D.

What is a humanized floor plan?

It is a plan made for the nonprofessional to understand more easily, it is different from the technical plan, which is composed of lines. Humanized floor plans are more commercial. They are used by architects and companies to explain the project to customers. It is not the same plan that goes to the work. The plans, cuts and elevations that go to the execution of the work are technical, with details that are difficult for the nonprofessional to understand.

Architectural project

Architects have to visualize and design the house in their minds in three dimensions (3D) and put their ideas on a paper (2D), which will later be built and physically transform into a house. To represent the architectural projects, graphic drawings of plans, sections, elevations, perspectives and details are used. If a house has two floors, without a basement, it will have at least ground floor plan, first floor plan, roof plan, implantation, the elevations of all its facades and some cuts.

Architectural design phases

There are people who believe that the architectural project is born like magic that it is only necessary to design and the house can start to be built. If that were the case, architecture would not be a 5-year degree. Each project is unique, when you hire an architect he will assess your needs, what your family needs, how you live, what is the situation of the land, what conditions the project?