Why should women start their businesses in Dubai?


For providing support to women entrepreneurs any nation comes forward, especially Dubai. The UAE government has taken numerous initiatives for encouraging women to come forward and set up their businesses there. Hence many women came forward and grasped this opportunity and start their businesses in Dubai. Now women have taken place most of the boardroom and cabinet space in Dubai. Now women playing an active role in boosting the economy of Dubai. The government comes forward to support women entrepreneurs and helps them in achieving their goals and objectives. There are many business ideas for ladies in DubaiThe women can select according to their expertise.

What makes Dubai the ideal selection of location for women?

Government initiatives- the Dubai government introduced several initiatives for women entrepreneurs for promoting gender equality there. The government aims to support women in the business field so that they can succeed. Chamber of commerce and Industry come forward for providing business-related training, education, and funds for promoting and helping them. The Abu Dubai Businesswomen Council assists in converting the idea of the business of women into a profitable project.

Offer long-term visas to women entrepreneurs- the Dubai government is providing long-term Visas for new investors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen for ten years. The UAE is making businessmen and supporting the new talents in their country. The step taken by the government provides a sense of security in the mind of women entrepreneurs.

Promoting Women in every sector- many companies in Dubai are managed and handled by women. In all the business areas such as services, logistics, transporting, education women are participating and doing very well. Many women entrepreneurs build their careers in various educational sectors such as art and music classes, language schools, and many others. They conduct a class for kids and adults. There are many areas where women entrepreneurs are leading like the beauty industry including soaps, beauty products, interior designing, fashion designing, and more.

Special package to women entrepreneurs- the UAE government introduced several packages for women entrepreneurs. The arrangement of the fund is the most common reason that women face for starting up their new venture. Government packages help to raise funds to convert their business idea into reality.


The initiative of the Dubai government towards women empowerment helps women in establishing their careers. Business ideas for ladies in Dubai are numerous, it’s up to women which area of business they will select.