5 Things worth Outsourcing When Opening a New Retail Store    


In today’s challenging retail environment, when more and more businesses are closing locations and focusing on their online presence, it’s vital that you think about every penny when opening a new store. One of the best ways to do so, and save some time in the process, is to outsource business operations that don’t need to be done in house. Below, we have rounded up some of the responsibilities you should hand over to the professionals…


Last year, there was almost £5.5bn reported in theft or “shrinkage” in the UK retail sector, a figure that would scare even the biggest of companies. If you’re worried about theft and the security of your staff and customers, we recommend finding a good security company that will work on your behalf. Whether it’s a bouncer-style service or you just want the peace of mind that someone is available should the worst happen, outsourcing security makes sense.


Once your staff have done an eight-hour shift and dealt with hundreds of customers, the last thing they want to worry about is cleaning your premises. Whether it’s making the windows sparkle, cleaning the staff room or implementing COVID-secure cleaning protocols, it’s worth using an FM provider that can offer professional cleaning services as part of their remit. It’ll not only ensure the job is done properly but give staff more time to spend helping customers

Interior design

You might have a vision of a luxurious boutique in your head, but the chances are that things will become more challenging when you’re actually designing your store. Working with a team of professionals means that your products will receive the attention they deserve and give you confidence that your independent store looks as good as mega giants’ outlets


How are you going to spread the word about your new business? Sure, you can distribute flyers and tell your friends and family on social media, but after that, what next? Hiring a team to market your retail location is one of the best ways to increase footfall and drive more sales. After all, you’re going to be too busy running your business to worry about advertising.


Whether you’re selling clothes or cupboards, the chances are that your retail location alone won’t be enough to sustain your business over the next decade. Developing an ecommerce presence alongside your store helps customers find you online, and allows you to reach a much wider audience. Outsourcing the development of your ecommerce store is wise, giving you more time to perfect your product offering, take stock, and keep your customers happy.

Do you have any tips? Let us know and check back soon for more on running a business.