Commercial Investigation – When & Where Do You Need One?  


    When it comes to business, multiple facets require it to thrive and maintain its position as stable. From marketing and strategising internal/organisational goals to leveraging employee performance and designing products can take your business to new heights. However, numerous factors can also throw off stabilisation, such as safety and security risks and suspicious acts and practices (frauds, harassment, solicitation, false allegations, and sabotaging operations).

    Commercial/Corporate Investigation

    If the workplace management should remain lenient to dishonest acts, it can lead to negative consequences that will put your business into trouble. In some cases, it can even lead to company closure. Situations such as those opting for a commercial investigation can be a viable solution against workplace misconducts and incidents.


    Why Firms Hire Corporate Investigation Services?

    Commercial workplace investigations san francisco, ca is another field of work conducted by local private investigation agencies for corporate sectors. Businesses need to remain stable in regards that no misconduct shall ever take place that will tarnish the image and reputation within a company. There are various reasons for hiring corporate investigations in Singapore. Here are a few reasons:

    Insurance Firms

    • Insurance firms may hire a private detector in Singapore to conduct monitoring when they believe that somebody who was hurt in an accident might be overstating their injuries. In this case, upon the conclusion of the investigation, it may uncover the person participating in activities that their limitations should prohibit – giving the insurance companies grounds for no longer paying the suspected individual.


    • A business owner suspects that one of their employees may be taking something (or conducting a fraud scheme) from the company. When a business owner or management feels that a worker is stealing or conducting a fraud scheme, it is very important to identify which employee is at fault. Monitoring with surveillance, using networks or other legal means of acquiring evidence shall be used to determine the root of the problem.

    Verification on investors

    • Before joining in on a new business venture, an entrepreneur wants to verify and do a background check on the investor. In this scenario, it’s the usual solution to hire a private investigator in Singapore to perform a thorough background check and verify who the investor claims to be. You can think of this as what you will normally do when buying expensive products online or hiring a service. You may want to verify and do a background check to see the legitimacy of the claim before you can purchase or contract a firm for work. Hence, similarly, the same thing can be done in the business venture as huge resource pools and assets are at stake.

    Harassment and abuse

    • The workplace is highly vulnerable to sexual or racial harassment. If left unchecked, it can lead to high turnover rates and loss of confidence, demotivation and even further abuse at work. It may appear harmless at first. However, it can erode loyalty and commitment to your workplace. Nowadays, firms are more determined to hire local corporate investigations in Singapore to uncover any cases of harassment that can seriously hurt the organisation.


    Types of Corporate Investigation

    Whether you’re deciding to contact a fraud investigation in Singapore for litigation support, forensics, or perform a digital investigation, a private investigation firm will provide you with the services depending on your needs.

    Research investigation

    Research is among the most fundamental processes of obtaining useful information. In conducting a corporate investigation, a professional investigator can research to acquire useful information. That information will serve as viable evidence or intelligence for joint ventures, acquisitions, investments, private equity, etc. Research investigators can also utilise research to perform background checks and verifications.

    Financial investigation

    Mishandling of finance is another common reason why firms hire corporate investigations in Singapore. With money being among the most valuable resources for a company, it can be mishandled or used for fraud, money laundering or deceiving embezzlement. These acts can inflict huge losses in businesses if they remain unchecked. A financial investigation shall be performed for these types of illegal misconduct or white-collar crime.

    Undercover investigation

    A private investigator may also perform surveillance (the use of hidden video, audio recorder, or using tracking device as covert means) for discovering information. They can also choose to blend with the company secretively to uncover harassment, abuse, or theft in the workplace.

    Corruption investigation

    A private investigator in Singapore can inspect to check whether there is corruption within an organisation. While corruption investigation may sound similar to the financial investigation, corruption investigation conducts an inspection to uncover misconduct of power and authority using deception or performing dishonest acts. On the other hand, the financial investigation goes for mishandling and misuse of money. A corruption investigation can uncover acts such as bribery, fraud, and espionage.

    Electronic investigation

    Electronic investigation uses digitally stored information to gather evidence or useful information. Much like research investigation, an electronic investigation obtains necessary information on digital space, which makes it a specific procedure for gathering data/evidence.

    Corporate/commercial investigation is incredibly useful for uncovering unlawful and illegal activities inside your workplace. It helps protect the well-being of your employee and business in times where certain situations require professional guidance. It is a time where the truth is needed to shed light against corruption and dishonest acts.


    Employees and business owners have the right to have an organisation that is healthy and free from fraudulent activities. It is every responsibility of the management to use the commercial investigation to obtain quick resolutions and mitigate risks within the organisation.

    If you are looking for commercial frauds in Singapore, CDiC Consultants helps businesses and institutions preserve integrity with corporate investigation services.