Exclude cryptocurrency analysis ability with mixing services


Nowadays private mixing services are providing a range of options that differ from one another with the quickness of applying process and fees for payouts. It’s up to you to choose the appropriate platform and deal with the solution of digital transaction safety. The main feature of last is to reduce tracking your business affairs to other people. Therefore, selecting the coolest mixing platform appeals to: 

  • resistance to Bitcoin analysis
  • high level of safety and security
  • innovative fast mixing technologies

Starting and running the process of Bitcoin mixing

According to highlighted preferable options https://bitmix.biz/en used to be the coolest one among the customers. When you click the start mixing button on the platform the process begins directly. Pre-cleared and pre-mixed Bitcoin is used with the services as soon as you make an order. That’s why you don’t have to wait until the transactions are confirmed during the mixing procedure. Cleaning operation applies to divide your coins into different parts and mixing with other customers’ cryptocurrencies, coming through dozens of addresses created for this issue.

What’s more, you are protected with a special code to receive the same coins in the future. The percentage of the fee is automatically changed while mixing is going on. You can set the fee by yourself to prevent the hackers from determining the amount that was directly transferred to another address. The average fee varies from 0.4% up to 4%. Mind, some services present the beneficial option of increasing the level of randomization when clearing your coins. 

Such a transfer of your Bitcoin cannot be directly tracked in a few days. Your ID and transactions cannot be used for cryptocurrency analysis, as transactions are stored and encrypted within 72 hours. Take into consideration the fact that you can immediately delete personal details as soon as your mixing transaction has been completed.