How Do Civil Lawyers Protect Employees Against Discrimination? 


    The employment laws that the Canadian government formulates are constituted with the hope of providing all the employees an equal opportunity at professional growth by working in a healthy environment. However, that’s not always the case. Whether you work in the government sector or corporate/commercial sector, there are always chances that you might face certain kinds of discrimination. Those forms of discrimination could be:

    • A promotion opportunity denied just on the basis of gender or ethnicity. 
    • Denied the opportunity to work on the post that’s especially created to aid physically challenged people. 
    • Not given proper compensation for double shifting. 
    • Not given medical reimbursement despite citing sick leaves. 
    • Sudden termination of your contract without citing a reason and without giving a prior notice. 
    • Being forced to work beyond the working hours. 

    If there’s any of these discriminations that you have or are experiencing, you might want to hire an employment lawyer like the ones at Liebman Legal since they’re completely aware of how the Liebman Legal employment law works in the direction of safeguarding the interest of employees. 

    The benefits of hiring these lawyers are listed below. 

    1. They Take All the Cases Seriously

    Lawyers at elite firms like Liebman Legal take each case individually. Whilst, it’s true that employment law infringement remains the same, but the kind of harassment that the employees has suffered is different, the situations are different, and the harassment period is different. Thus, treating every case alike reduces the chance of a win. 

    When you hire disciplined lawyers, they minutely study your case despite their experience. 

    • They collect the proof. 
    • They talk around with other employees to find out more details. 
    • They prepare witnesses. 
    • They keep you informed about all the latest developments. 

    Once they’re satisfied with the case file, they send a legal notice to the employer.

    1. They Suggest Out-of-Court Settlement

    It might come down as a surprise, but any good lawyer will always recommend a shot at out-of-court settlement. That’s because:

    • Companies are usually inclined to offer financial compensation in order to save their reputation. 
    • It’s beneficial for the clients that the case doesn’t see the courtroom because, (a). the case can take a long time to be settled, (b). the longer the case stretches, the costlier it gets for the client. 
    1. They Demonstrate Their Diplomacy Trait If The Case Reaches the Court

    Remember, a lawyer has to be as convincing and strong as the case is. No matter if your claim is genuine, if your lawyer cannot present the facts strongly and cannot counterattack the opposition lawyer’s claims, your chances at a win will get bleak. 

    Thus, picking a lawyer carefully is your best shot.