How to Get More Customers for My Business and Keep Them


The question of “how to get more customers for my business” is one that every entrepreneur struggles with. One spends so much time working on their products and services.

Once these products/services are finalized, business owners struggle with finding any interested customers.

So what do you do to attract customers?

This guide will show you the best tips on how to get new clients to your business. These tips will not only help you get customers but also foster loyal relationships with your customers.

Participate In Trade Events

Trade events are a great way to get customers who are eager to find companies in a specific industry. This means that the attendees of these events will be interested in what your business has to offer.

Find a local trade event that targets your industry and register to set up an exhibit. You can find great advice on setting up your exhibit at

At this event, you can inform attendees of your business and the products/services it offers. You can also give discounts on what you offer to get new clients.

Who Are Your Customers?

If you want to attract customers, you want to find the right customers. You want to do your research on who is likely to have an interest in your company. For example, if you sell toys you want to find a way to market to young children.

If you run a lingerie business, you want to research which age group of women buy lingerie the most. You want to plan marketing strategies to reach this group.

Many businesses waste time trying to appeal to a broad audience. The “build it, and they will come” doesn’t work for most businesses. To attract customers you must speak to the ones that are looking for what your business offers.

Create Landing Pages

While you should spend the time to create a great website, landing pages are the best way to sell a particular product/service to customers.

A landing page will offer details of the product and why a customer should buy it. It will not only have the product description, but the copy will discuss why the product is important. Landing pages also have customer testimonials. These testimonials are the best way to convince potential customers to buy your product. Nothing is better marketing than messages from satisfied existing customers.

Landing pages are also a way to collect customer email addresses. Once you have a customer’s email address you can always send them more updates in the future. This is the first step to cultivating a relationship with them.

Create Great Content

Content is one of the best ways to market your business. It’s also the best way to attract potential customers.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment. They are likely not looking for a product or service right away. They are probably trying to find information or an answer to a question. Your content has to address the information while subtly promoting your business.

Let’s return to the example of a lingerie business. A woman might go online trying to figure out how to measure her bra size. She can find a blog post you’ve written that explains how to do this. At the end of the blog post, you can have a Call To Action that shares a link to the bra catalog on your website.

Content is the first step to get customers interested in your brand. If you continue to produce content that they enjoy, you can expect them to buy your product or service.

Offer Discounts and Free Stuff

Whether we like to admit it or not, we love discounts and free stuff. We hesitate to spend our money, but we don’t think twice if there’s a discount! And we seldom say ‘no’ to free stuff!

One way to attract customers is to give them what you offer at a lower rate than normal. Businesses worry about doing this as they don’t want to lose profits. But if you have a great product/service you can be sure that customers will want more of what you offer.

Consider offering one product at a discounted price. You can then give the offer that if a customer buys 2 or 3 of the product, they’ll get another product for free! The lingerie business could sell 3 bras at a 10% discount each. They could then give a free pair of stockings with these 3 purchases.

The toy company can tell parents that if they buy a big toy set for one child, they’ll get free smaller toys to give to their other children. These discounts and giveaways can be given to attendees at trade events. You can also give them exclusive offers to any customer who signs up for your email newsletter.

You want to put a time limit on these offers. This creates a sense of urgency with your customer base. If they know these offers won’t last forever, they are more likely to take advantage of them.

Customer Loyalty Program

Finally, you want to create a great customer loyalty program. This not only attracts customers but keeps them for years to come.

You can give these loyal customers exclusive content, discounts, and insider information. For example, Audible’s loyal customers (“members”) get discounts on all audiobook purchases. They are also informed on sales and deals before non-members are.

Entrepreneurs have to remember that they don’t have a monopoly on their customers. If your competition provides a better deal, you will lose your customers immediately. Focus on providing incentives for loyal customers and you won’t have to worry about your competition.

Now You Know “How to Get More Customers for My Business!”

So now that you know the answers to “how to get more customers for my business,” you are ready to start expanding your customer base. The ultimate goal is to understand who your customers are and how to reach out to them.

Make sure you follow these steps to attract customers and build customer loyalty.

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