How to Promote Your Brand Online in the “New Normal” Way


Businesses in practically every industry have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. With many brands unclear where to turn in the midst of the crisis, we are reminded of the importance of being flexible in our marketing tactics. While these methods can be prepared up to a year in advance, many of them are no longer applicable due to various consumer constraints.

It’s at times like these that you’ll need to tweak your branding initiatives.

Rethink your company’s ideals.

When was the last time you examined your company’s objective in greater depth? Whether it’s been a year or several new people have joined your team, now is the best time to reflect on what values guide and drive your company’s success.

Encourage your people to reflect on the values and practices that distinguish your company. You may develop images and distribute them on your social media networks through the help of a trusted social media agency once you’ve defined your updated core principles, which will remind people of why they appreciate being your client.

Foster transparency.

Fostering open, honest communication is one of the best methods to maintain trust with your audience. You may enhance the connection with your audience by keeping them informed about a crisis that your business is experiencing. This also gives your brand a personal touch and reminds your customers that your company is made up of compassionate people who are going through similar problems.

Continue to offer product availability updates as needed so that they are aware of what is now in stock and what will be available soon. Consider issuing an official statement outlining how you’ll keep your staff and customers safe amidst the ongoing threat of COVID-19. Your audience will be left with few questions regarding how you are addressing the pandemic as a result of this.

Request feedback from your customers.

Another method we’ve seen firms do is to ask their followers what kind of content they want to see. While now is not the best time to market your products, there are plenty of other ways to keep your followers engaged.

Partner with a social media agency to poll your audience on networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find out what kind of material they’re interested in right now. Positive quotations, picturesque photos, and memes — all of which are highly popular at the moment — might be included. This approach shift is successful since it allows followers to comment on positive content. 

It also demonstrates that the brand is really interested in producing material that their target audience would enjoy.But it’s not enough to simply ask your customers for input; you must actually respond when they contact you. 

Maintain contact with your audience and demonstrate that you are always available to help. By communicating with your customers, you establish a special bond with them that they will remember since it demonstrates how important the relationship is to you.

Organize virtual events.

If your event has been canceled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you now have the chance to promote a virtual event! Video conferencing software and webinar technology are becoming increasingly popular. Consider holding your event virtually and using social media to interact with your audience.

Create pitch angles that are timely.

Include messages about staying at home in your pitches to be more innovative. Consider how your products can add value or solve a problem for readers who are staying indoors or working from home. The best method to get the attention of the media is to send out timely, unique messages that compel them to include your business in editorial possibilities.

Among the top trends covered by the media are quarantine crafting, learning a new skill, family cuisine, and at-home fitness. Go ahead and pitch your product if it fits comparable themes. If your products or services aren’t directly related to these themes, be cautious when contacting the media because their focus has shifted.

Change the way you communicate about your brand.

While promoting meetings, travel, and in-store buying is undesirable, you can shift your business positioning. You should be reminding customers right now that you are still there for them, even though the circumstance has changed due to the pandemic.

Provide content that represents their new way of life. These themes include lifestyle tweaks and productive behaviors to practice while in quarantine, family-friendly activities, and positive affirmations that the world will pull together to get through this. This will create a lasting impact on your customers, who will remember you when they’re ready to purchase.

Also, consider emphasizing your eCommerce capabilities while also providing free shipping. This will encourage customers to buy your products from the comfort of their own homes. Keep your consumers informed about any delays that can affect product shipping, as well as how your warehouses are adhering to safety requirements.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to rethink how we develop plans, emphasizing the significance of adaptability. We know today, more than ever, that life rarely goes according to plan. Prepare for the unexpected and devise a flexible approach that can pivot at any time.

Use the given pointers to rethink your marketing strategy right now and focus on the components that are adaptable in the future. For the time being, keep these pointers in mind while making future plans now that you know how to change your strategy.