Huge Advert for Strip Club Features on a Reporters Live Cross


    Times are hard and people have been pre-occupied with what is currently happening in politics. A lot of live performance venues from nightclubs to gentlemens’ clubs have been disrupted. It hasn’t been business as usual for so many people. Savvy business people will use any opportunity they can get to market and advertise their businesses. So, how do you advertise a strip club to a large audience? The internet is one outlet as is social media but television has largely been a no-go area. So, when a large roving banner for a strip club found its way on ABC news reporter’s live cross, it caused a bit of a stir.

    The journalist, Richard Willingham was oblivious to the advert behind him as he reported the news about the Victorian government’s aims to fund a project for mental health. This was arguably an important topic that should have attracted a lot of viewers, but the billboard was a major distraction. A gigantic banner of semi-nude girls advertising a strip club made thinking about depression and suicide hard.

    Mental Health and Strippers

    Mental Health is an important topic that shouldn’t be trivialized, however, sometimes some lighthearted humor is required. Maybe the accidental appearance of a giant truck with a banner advertising a strip club was necessary, what better way to forget your troubles than with a visit to a local strip club like Showgirls Bar 20.

    Showgirls Bar 20 has been around since the 1990s. The club is open every day and caters to different patrons from the businessmen who come to blow off steam or celebrate business deals, to bucks and hen parties that come to celebrate the end of one life and the beginning of another. The strip icon club has a reputation of having the best looking girls in the industry. It is also known for its hospitality and a fun vibe. This club has undergone and evolved over the years, staying ahead of the trends and making sure that its patrons get the best there is. It has been a popular fixture on King Street and for over two decades, it has maintained its reputation of being the premium spot for adult entertainment.

    There is more to strip clubs than naked women

    Going to a strip club isn’t always about watching naked woken gyrating on stage; some patrons are just looking for a friendly face. As many strippers will tell you, some guys simply want to talk. They are usually lonely or going through something that they can’t talk about with anyone else. They value the experience of being able to talk to someone who is kind and non-judgemental. They value the level of attention and the fact that someone is happy to just listen and not try and insert themselves in their situations by offering advice. They will pay for the experience as well. The job that strippers do is in many ways not that different from what therapists offer down to the exchange of cash for each session. Maybe the appearance of that billboard on a live news crossing dealing with mental health was not so inappropriate after all. It is just what people needed to lighten the news.