Instagram vs TikTok: Which Does Your Target Audience Prefer?


Social media apps are making millions of dollars for companies and online personalities. Instagram is one of the top three most popular apps in the world but TikTok is fast at its heels. They are currently the two hottest on the market.

Are you thinking about boosting your social media marketing but can’t decide whether to choose between Instagram vs TikTok?

This article will cover the differences between the two and how you can select the best one for your audience.

Instagram vs TikTok: How Are They Different?

Instagram started off as a photo sharing platform that was later acquired by Facebook and changed to include videos and “Instagram Stories.”

The Chinese company ByteDance launched TikTok in 2016. It’s a short video app (60 seconds or less) that also features a gigantic database of songs and filters. The engagement algorithm is secretive yet contributes to it’s success.

Late last year, Instagram activated its new “Reels” function, which is very similar to TikTok. It’s a way for their users to have the same experience without permanently losing them.

Although Instagram has over one billion active users worldwide, TikTok has the fastest growing rate of any social media app.

The question for many brands is whether they should invest in TikTok vs Instagram? Whichever platform you choose should depend on your target audience.

Which App Does Your Target Audience Use?

Good marketing begins by understanding your audience. In general terms, the audience for Instagram is more female (43%) and between the ages of 18-29 (67%). Hispanics are the largest racial group using Instagram (51%) and more users are urban (46%).

Believe it or not, TikTok users are even younger than those on Instagram. Around 500 million people are using TikTok every month, yet Chinese veiwers account for eight out of every 10 minutes of viewing. It is growing fast in the United States.

Sixty percent of U.S. TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24. There are quite a few users in their 30s but it’s being dominated by the teenage market.

Consider the TikTok target audience and Instagram target audience before investing any marketing dollars in either platform.

Techniques for Building up Your Social Media Following

If you’ve decided that one of these apps is better suited to reach your target audience, the next step is to invest in advertising and campaigns to build your following.

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  4. Put effort into quality videos

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Let Data Drive Your Marketing

When making the decision between using Instagram vs TikTok for your marketing, you’ll want to let the data determine where to go. Select the app that most closely aligns to your target audience and that would best represent your product or service.

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