Thread Tap Basics For Beginners


If you are dealing with thread taps for the first time then you are likely to have loads of questions. You may not be able to make the right decisions when you have these questions unanswered and your doubts clarified. Therefore, it is important that you take time to understand the basics so that you will be able to make well-informed choices. 

One of the most frequent terms that you are likely to come across when you are dealing with the thread taps is ‘pitch.’ What does this term mean and what impact it will have on the threads if the pitch is varied. Pitch refers to the distance between the two successive crests of the thread.

You will also come across another term, which is a very common term, ‘diameter’ when dealing with tapping tools. As far as threads are concerned, you need to deal with two diameters, major diameter and minimum diameter. Major diameter refers to the total width measured between the two crests. Minimum diameter refers to the width measured between two roots. 

When the pitch is varied, you will be able to changing the type of thread. There are two types of threads, course threads and fine threads. In course thread the number of threads will be less per inch. In fine threads it will be higher than the course threads. An UNC thread refers to Unified National Course threads and UNF refers to Unified National Fine threads. When you buy your UN thread tap, you need to know whether you should buy UNF or UNC. Only when you know all the above information you will be able to pick the right UN thread tap. When you need higher level of precision you should go for UNF and when a certain tolerance level is permitted you could go for UNC. 

Trapezoidal thread taps are used when you need higher thread strength. The screw thread profile will have a trapezoidal outline. This type of thread is also used whenever there is a need to convert circular movement to linear movement. This type of thread is also used whenever a very high friction rate needs to be handled. 

The thread taps are available in standard sizes and it is also possible to make custom thread taps based on your requirements. You need to find a manufacturer that is ready to handle custom thread tap requirements. It is easier to find a manufacturer when you have bulk custom thread tap requirements. There are not many manufacturers that are ready to handle smaller volume custom thread tap requirements. Having said that, it is also possible to find manufacturers that are ready to handle single piece custom thread tap orders. You just need to find a manufacturer that is ready to deal with such small volume custom thread tap requirements. 

The quality of the thread taps that you come across in the industry will vary and it is your responsibility to find a manufacturer that delivers the finest quality thread taps.