Wallpapering Your Own Room


When you have obtained the wallpaper as well as the required tools, you may then start the process of wallpapering a room in your home. Get accurate measurements of the area you want to paper since the vast majority of walls will need at least two lengths of paper. When you are determining how much wallpaper you will need for a room, it is essential to take into consideration any windows or doors that could be there.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to get the walls ready so that the wallpaper can be applied to them. After cleaning the walls with a damp cloth, a scraper should be used to remove any flaking paint or old wallpaper glue from the surfaces of the walls. This should be done after the walls have been cleaned. Before continuing with the application of wallpaper, you should first use a spackling compound to repair any substantial holes in the wall, wait for the compound to dry, and then start with the wallpaper application.

How Much Do You Need?

To find out how much wallpaper you will need for the job, you must first find out the square footage of the room. The easiest way to do that is to use something like Inch Calculator’s sq ft calculator. This is a simple and free tool at your disposal that makes tasks like this easy! All you need to do is put the length and width of the room into the calculator, and it will compute the square footage of the room in a variety of units, including feet, inches, centimeters, and yards.

Apply the paste to the back of the piece using a roller or brush after you have finished cutting the first length of wallpaper to a length that is considerably longer than what is necessary. Using a plumb line as a guide, the next step is to determine where the beginning of your wallpaper will be and then proceed to apply it to the wall. When you have completed the project, use a utility knife to trim any excess paper using a sharp blade, and then use a smoothing brush or roller to get rid of any air bubbles that may have formed as a result of hanging the paper.

Sticking With It

Continue hanging wallpaper in the room until the job is finished, at which point any adhesive residue should be removed from the walls as well as any equipment that was used. When the newly papered walls have had a chance to dry fully, you can start thinking about how you want to finish off the look. I hope you enjoy your new room!

It is advised that the furniture, artwork, accessories, and other aspects of the décor be modified in order to better complement the environment and achieve the desired effect. You will have no problem decorating any room in your home so long as you pay careful attention to detail while you are measuring, prepping, and hanging the wallpaper. Put your creative skills to use by experimenting with a variety of colors and patterns.