5 Signs You Might Need a Screen Replacement for Your iPad Mini


If you use your iPad for multiple purposes, then you know how important it is to have a great screen. When something feels off, you want to get it fixed right away. Keep an eye out for these five warning signs that indicate you need iPad mini screen repair.

Tiny Cracks

If your iPad’s crack is small and in a corner of the screen where it’s not visible, you may not need a mini iPad screen repair. If the crack isn’t big and doesn’t obscure vision, it won’t affect how your iPad functions.

A screen protector will save your phone from more cracks in the future. Check it regularly to ensure there is no damage, and if you see a crack starting to form, take it to a professional right away so they can fix the problem before it gets any worse.

If your iPad is still fairly new, check to see if it’s still under warranty- you might be able to trade it in for a newer model. The process is easy if you’ve bought AppleCare coverage.

Spreading Cracks

Even though this looks terrible, you can still use your iPad if the visibility and responsiveness are both normal. However, you should be attentive to these cracks because they may start to spread quickly and result in an even worse problem.

Although it may be tempting to run to the store for an iPad screen repair as soon as you notice a crack, remember that these repairs can be costly. In some cases, it may make more sense to trade in your device instead of paying for repairs. Keep in mind that companies typically charge the same amount of money to fix a new crack as they would charge to replace a completely damaged screen. If you’re willing to wait a while longer, you may be able to use your device for several more months before needing the repair. This extra time can give you ample opportunity to save up money specifically for this purpose.

Side-to-Side Cracks

Although side-to-side cracks don’t seem like they would be an issue, they actually can be quite deep and worsen with use. Before you take your iPad in for a screen repair, plan ahead to ensure that you have the time to do so.

Long, Color-Distorting Cracks

If you’re starting to notice cracks on your iPad screen, it’s time to seek out iPod repair services. These types of cracks can cause serious problems with the usability of your device, and will usually distort the display screen.

Cracks on your iPad’s display screen can quickly spiderweb to encompass the entire viewing area. Without repairing the mini iPad screen, the damage may worsen and eventually cause your screen to fail completely.

Multiple Cracks

The most frustrating scenario is when your iPad’s screen cracks in multiple places simultaneously. These fissures will only continue to expand and eventually impact the device’s overall performance. Without getting an iPad mini screen repair, your touchscreen may no longer register input or could misread where your finger actually is. Regrettably, once a screen reaches this stage of disrepair, it cannot be fixed and must be replaced entirely. Working with a company like Stephensons, which specialises in tablet repair Barnsley, makes sense. 

If you’re seeing any of the above warning signs, it’s important to get an iPad mini screen repaired as soon as possible. No matter what you choose to do, don’t wait too long because continuing to use a cracked screen can lead to further and more expensive damage.