How to Choose the Best Logo Mat?


There are many choices to make when running your business. But choosing a logo mat might not be the most important.

However, a logo mat can make a lasting impression and help to save money. It is important to note that a mat of poor quality or an old-looking one only sometimes indicates that a business is vibrant.

The decision should not be difficult, but there are several things to consider.


Budget is a crucial consideration. Mats would never be expensive. However, prices will vary depending on the type of mat.

Classic Impressions HD Logo Mats will cost you less than printed mats – coir is a natural fiber-derived coconut husk that is used commonly in doormats.

An outdoor printed rubber entrance mat will cost less than an outdoor mat.

Contrary to budget, these mats create a visual identity for the business that is difficult to replicate by other means. Window engraving and signage are far more costly.

People with tight budgets should consider printed mats instead of coir and brush alternatives.

Complexity Design

While it is possible for any type to incorporate complex designs, the end result can be quite different.

With a printed rug, color and complexity are not an issue. The printer can accurately replicate any design input, and it will not affect the price. It is possible that too complex designs might not create the peaceful mood you are looking for.

Coir and brush mats are unique and create a smaller selection of colors. They look refined and classy but may not be available if you need luminous and hot pink colors.

A brush or coir mat is a product that is hand-made. This means the mat has a unique look.

Mat Location

It is also important to consider where the mat will be placed.

It is important to determine whether the mat is located on the pavement or inside your building. A cafe located on the pavement might need a brush or mat made of coir, which traps dirt and dust.

It might not be necessary for a mat to be visible in an office block. If it’s at the front desk, for example, people are unlikely to use it for their feet. Instead, it serves as a visual indicator.

Outdoor mats are tougher than indoor mats.


The durability of the mat is closely tied to the site. How exposed will it be to the elements? What is the likelihood of it being sprayed on?

It could be a barrier to expensive flooring, so the absorption is key to avoiding any damage when people continue to walk into the building.

Spending a little more for a mat can mean greater savings. For example, the Premium Entry Mat, our most absorbent & durable of these mats, will reduce cleaning times and increase the floor’s lifespan.

Lift, Lay, Or Recess?

You could have a simple mat that you can just lift up and then lay down anywhere you need. But, a recessed option, which is a mat that has been integrated into your floor, can make a striking look and blend in seamlessly.

Get Expert advice

You may not know the right one for your situation. Although you may love one style, you might need help finding the right fit for your situation.

You may have a set of functions that the mat should perform, and you are searching for the cheapest one that fulfills them all.