8 Things to Do When Getting Post Renovation Cleaning Services


After renovating the look of your home, it is necessary for homeowners to clean their property. Sure, you might find it easy and fulfilling to dust the shelves, remove cobwebs, and sweep the floor. However, there are those who can’t be bothered to do any of those chores. Fortunately, post renovation cleaning services are available for people like you who do not have time.

When it comes to hiring moving in cleaning services in Singapore, there are several things you need to do. Generally speaking, you need to consider and assess several factors to minimise receiving a bad experience. Remember that despite the number of available post renovation cleaning services, not all companies will give you satisfactory results.

Therefore, here are eight things you need to do before hiring post renovation cleaningservices. Continue reading for more information.

8 Things to Do When Getting Post Renovation Cleaning Services

1. Check All Available Companies

As mentioned previously, you need to determine which post renovation cleaning services will provide you with satisfactory results, making it necessary to weed out unreliable companies. Ideally, you want to look for customer reviews, referrals, and reputation. Additionally, their pricing is a significant factor in deciding whether an establishment is worth your money. Moreover, if you are planning on getting a company to work for you on a regular basis, you should inquire about the staff they will send to your home. Do they have adequate experience or are they new hires? There are pros and cons to each side. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages before deciding which one is better.

2. Ask Your Family & Friends

However, you might not be familiar with post renovation cleaning services for various reasons. Therefore, you should consider asking your family and friends which companies they can recommend to you. This method is effective as you get actual reviews from people you trust. Remember that professional cleaning services can create positive feedback or provide false claims on their websites, making them unreliable sources of information.

3. Assess Their History

Experience is one of the most significant advantages that reputable post renovation cleaningservices have over their competitors. This aspect determines whether a company can guarantee satisfactory results to their clients as they have a reputation to maintain. Therefore, ensure that you inspect their history, including accreditations and awards.

4. Inspect Customer Reviews

Going through customer reviews is one way of learning what to expect once you hire a company for sofa cleaning in Singapore. However, there are two things you need to remember regarding feedback. First, these things are easy to fake. Scammers or unreliable post renovation cleaning services can write positive reviews for their company and post them on their website. Lastly, customers satisfied with the work are less likely to leave valuable feedback due to a lack of reason compelling enough to do so, unlike those who got poor results.

5. Define Your Needs


Next, you need to determine what type of service you need. Do you require sofa cleaning? office cleaning services in Singapore? Knowing the reason why you need to hire professionals can help narrow down your choices. After all, not every company offers what you want. Some may have more services than others.

6. Review Insurance & Compensations

Since post renovation cleaning services face several risks while accomplishing a task, it is critical that you are aware of what happens should an accident occur, such as a broken vase, stains on your furniture, and others. How will the company respond to these kinds of situations? Is it their responsibility to compensate you for any damages? Will the company shoulder it, or does it fall under the employee that caused the accident? Whatever the case is, it is crucial to be aware to avoid it so that you know what to do or expect if anything happens.

7. Double-Check Pricing

Before settling for any post renovation cleaning services, go over payment details and ensure that everything is correct. Check for mistakes in pricing and see if there are any suspicious fees. Clarify any questions you have with the company to avoid surprises once you pay them.

8. Make Necessary Arrangements


After setting up a schedule, it is time to prepare your house for post renovation cleaningservices. If you have dogs, cats or other pets that could hinder the staff’s progress, consider putting them in cages until they finish. On the other hand, remove unnecessary clutter, especially if you are not paying the company for it. List any special instructions you have to avoid forgetting them once the cleaning crew arrives. Additionally, you do not need to do any unnecessary cleaning for fear of feeling shame. It is highly likely that your home is not the worst place these professionals have seen.


Hiring post renovation cleaning services requires a careful assessment before deciding on a company. Remember that you entrust your house and everything in it to their staff. While there might be compensation for stains or damages, it is better to avoid any accidents from happening. With that said, these are some things you need to consider to avoid scams or unsatisfactory results.

First, you need to narrow down your choices. There are plenty of post renovation cleaningservices in Singapore that it can be difficult to pick if you don’t know what you want. You can do it by asking for referrals, reading customer reviews, and checking their experience. However, when it comes to feedback, be careful as unreputable companies can have fake positive reviews.

After narrowing down your choices, the next step is to know why you are looking for post renovation cleaning services. Do you need sofa cleaning? Curtain cleaning? Depending on your answer, your list of options will decrease as not every company provides what you need.

However, since there are risks associated with post renovation cleaning services, you must check their policies regarding accidents like damages to furnishings. Check who is responsible for compensating you.

Once you check those factors, never forget to double-check the cost of post renovation cleaningservices. See if there are any suspicious charges and clarify any questions with the company.

Finally, remember to make the necessary arrangements after setting up the schedule.

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