Facetune2 apk


The rise of social media has led to an obsession with ourselves. As we keep on uploading a constant barrage of pictures of ourselves, onto the various social media apps present on the market today, we tend to feel self-conscious. 

Since these selfies will be viewed by hundreds of people, be it total strangers or family and friends, we check each picture hundreds of times, poring over every inch to find something wrong with the picture or our faces. The rich can opt to do plastic surgery to redefine their facial features, but most of the rest of the world can only turn to such apps as Facetune2.

The premise of this app is quite simple. All what you have to do is select a picture from your gallery or elsewhere from your device, and then the app provides a large number of options which you can use to modify and beautify your dull, boring features, to a more exquisite and electrifying persona, that will make you stand out from the rest of the world in the most perfect way possible.

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Features of Facetune2 apk

  • Face: Sometimes we snap a perfect picture of ourselves, but then one of the people in the picture isn’t smiling. This feature allows you to create a smile on even the most unsmiling face. It also helps you adjust your jaw shape to your preference.
  • Smooth: it gives you the opportunity to remove all blemishes, scars or discolorations on your face, with just one swipe of your finger. You can even add a golden glow to your skin, and conceal the dark circles around your eyes.
  • Reshape: makes it easy for you to change the shape of your body, maybe redefine how certain edges and angles of your body are viewed. You can also resize certain parts of your body using this feature.
  • Whiten: helps you whiten all your white surfaces, including discolored teeth, eyes, walls and pages.
  • Details: can be used to sharpen objects like jewelry, and make them stand out in your picture.
  • Filters: provides you with about a hundred filters to choose from, so that you get to decide the mood of the picture you are putting out there.
  • Hair: helps you change the color and intensity of the hair in your pictures, and will even give it a nice healthy glow if you ever need it.
  • Clothes: gives you the tools to adjust the saturation of your attire, making sure that the phone camera doesn’t become a limiting factor to bring out the awesomeness of your clothes.
  • Other features: Makeup, Light FX, Color, Edit, Defocus and Crop all help you achieve the best image of yourself.

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