Benefits of Regularly Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Empty restaurant kitchen with professional equipment

If you own a thriving restaurant or catering business, then the maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment on a regular basis is a must. Arranging for consistent servicing of your refrigeration equipment can possibly be the make it or break it to your success. 

Why do you need commercial refrigeration equipment maintenance services? 

  • Commercial refrigerators play a crucial role in any restaurant or catering business. Maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment involves a number of checks and procedures, which helps prolong the life of the equipment. 
  • Regular servicing also helps you save on your electricity bills as equipment that’s well-maintained tends to draw less electricity. Make sure your equipment’s clogged drainage and lose seals are checked regularly to keep things in working condition. If these problems are not rectified, they can lead to serious internal damages. 
  • If you already have a dependable electric provider, such as Green Mountain Energy, you can check with them to avoid any unexpected power bill increases if your equipment is damaged.
  • Regular servicing will help safeguard your business reputation as well, because damaged refrigeration equipment can result in food spoilage and food poisoning as well. It’s mandatory for places such as restaurants, catering businesses and grocery shops to offer high-quality food items to customers and this can only be ensured with well-maintained refrigeration equipment in place. 
  • Regular maintenance helps save substantially on costly repairs, as repairing damaged equipment means a huge expense. With regular servicing, you can prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. 
  • Regular servicing can also help prevent the formation of bacteria, molds, and smelly ice that is enough to drive away customers from your restaurant or grocery store. Ice machines that are neglected can result in the formation of bacteria and viruses like salmonella and e-coli. In the worst possible scenario, you might end up with lawsuits or health code violations. Dirt and mold accumulating in your ice maker can result in such damaging situations for your overall refrigeration equipment. This can happen even when your equipment comes with an automatic cleaning facility. This can be prevented by arranging servicing twice a year and in case of heavy usage, you can arrange for monthly servicing as well. Cleaning also allows benefits in terms of increased yield of ice. 

Servicing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

To conclude, regular servicing does not just keep your equipment healthy but also saves you a lot of money. A great solution is using a reputable company like FrigoMan inc. with over 30 years of experience.