Best Corporate Gift Practices and Ideas this Holiday Season


Best Corporate Gift Practices and Ideas this Holiday Season

Here are three tips you can use when practising gift-giving in a corporate setting. There are also a few gift ideas that clients and employees alike will appreciate.

3 Corporate Gift Practices

#1 Make Your Gifts Personal

Don’t order wine of the month subscriptions and send them to all your clients. Consider your champion’s likes and hobbies, and source a gift that will be meaningful to them. There are also a lot of companies that make custom labels and bottles for personalised gifts of Singapore companies and individuals.

#2 Don’t Go Overboard

It’s overdoing it if your client pays $200 per year for your product/service and you send them a $300 coffee machine. To ensure that no one is offended by the gift, keep it in proportion to how much a client’s firm spends with you. Keep your gifts as simple and useful as possible.

#3 Think Beyond the Holidays

Don’t relegate gifts to the holiday season. Send tokens of appreciation throughout the year. By sending presents outside of December, you’ll avoid disappearing into a crowd of break room gift baskets. Plus, gifts are meant to show your clients you care about their business all 12 months. You can send little tokens from time to time or little items that can be used at any time of the year.

24 Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

Here are twenty-four gift ideas you can give to your employees or clients instead of the usual t shirt with the printing of your Singapore brand.

#1 Terrarium or Succulent Garden

These fashionable desk accents will certainly brighten the day of whoever received them. It will remind them of the progress you can make together. Plus, succulents and air plants don’t require a lot of water or care, so they’ll last for years. Want to make things even simpler? Order a lifelike artificial flower arrangement.

#2 Stationery Notebooks

One of the best-customised gifts you can give is stationery notebooks. It is a functional item that anyone can appreciate. Tons of companies provide services that let buyers engrave words and images–from names to company logos.

#3 Coffee or Tea Blends Set

Coffee and tea blends sets are one of the best personalised gifts for Singapore clients and employees. Look for a manufacturer that will let you create your box of beans or flavoured teas. Ensure that you choose the blends according to their preferences, not just yours.

#4 Custom Calendars

One of the most common customized gifts in Singapore and worldwide are calendars. Companies get calendars branded with their logo. Some opt for funny or cheerful photos to keep the calendar fun.

#5 Coffee Table Book

Companies with rich histories can opt for more expensive personalised gifts for their Singapore client in the form of coffee table books. It can illustrate the rich history and turning points the company took to reach its status.

#6 Toiletry Bag

Another more common item for customized gifts given to Singapore company clients and employees are toiletry bags. They are practical and functional items they can use every day or whenever they go on trips. There are lots of companies that will help you monogram names or your company logo onto the bags.

#7 Gourmet Food Basket

You don’t want to send another basket full of cheese logs and vacuum-sealed sausages, do you? Th. Several businesses are giving the traditional gourmet food basket a new lease on life. Remember to inquire about any food sensitivities your clients may have so you can supply gluten-free and vegan options as needed.

#8 Portable Charging Units

Another great item to give as customized gifts to Singapore clients and employees are portable charging units. It is still a crowd-pleaser though most phone batteries nowadays can last longer.

#9 Coffee Sampler Sets for their Keurig

Send your clients a box of carefully curated boxes of K-cup coffee samplers. You can also surprise your employees with an array of new options in the pantry when their break comes.

#10 Their Kindle

Kindles are great gifts to provide to clients, especially if you are working in the literary industry. You can load it up with copies of upcoming or new books that they would most likely enjoy.

#11 Reusable Water Bottles

One may have more leaking water bottles and unused fruit infusers than they can use. However, nothing beats getting a water bottle that you’ll use. With your company’s branding, choose a high-quality brand alternative.


#12 Online Classes and Workshops

Give your client or employees a gift card to an online classroom where they can spend a few hours honing their cooking, photography, or software development skills. Instead of quickly consuming snacks or trinkets, give your client an experience they’ll always remember.

#13 BarkBoxes

Consider a BarkBox subscription for a client or employee with a four-legged best friend. This service will bring treat boxes for cats or dogs directly to their door for a range of subscription periods. It is also a great way to show that you care about your employees and clients.

#14 More Fashionable Items

Invest in fashionable clothing and accessories. Design an accessory or t shirt with subtle branding that Singapore clients and employees will want to wear. Chances are, company t-shirts you send clients will end up at their local thrift shop.

#15 A Charitable Donation

It’s a meaningful gesture that communicates your company values and honours the principles of your clients and employees.

#16 A Kit to Brew Beer

Allow your clients and employees to become beer connoisseurs. They can create their concoctions. You can add a couple of company-branded pint glasses to boost the ante. Make these more personalised gifts to Singapore clients or employees by engraving their names on the kits.

#17 Restaurant Gift Cards

Research the hottest new restaurants in the area. You can also ask for a list of places they’d like to try, and get them a gift card. It allows them to unwind over a nice meal — and your name is sure to come up before dessert.

#18 Delivery from their Favourite Bakery

Is there anything better than a surprise delivery of freshly baked treats to the office? Send along some delicious local doughnuts or pastries for the entire crew to enjoy. It will certainly lift their spirits and fill them with endorphins.

#19 Best of Cook’s Baskets

Pick a cookbook and a few non-perishable items for the star recipe if your client spends their weekends cooking up culinary delights. Choose a prepared basket from a well-known chef for a more eye-catching variant on this present.

#20 Cater a Lunch

A decent burrito or sandwich shop is something that everyone enjoys. It doesn’t have to be a lavish catered lunch; just be sure to include some cookies for good measure.

#21 Golf Balls and Tees

Consider bespoke golf balls or tees with your logo as customized gifts for your Singapore clientele that do most of their business on the golf course. If you’re in the area, invite them to join you for a round.

#22 Earpieces

The value of a good pair of headphones in today’s open office environment cannot be emphasised. If you give your clients a pair, they’ll remember you every time they use them to shut out their talkative coworkers.

#23 Handwritten Notes

Send a card if you’re unsure. Always include a handwritten or personalised greeting with your gifts for Singapore clients or employees. After all, does anyone hear a corporate gift box that falls in the woods without a note?

#24 Custom Self-Heating Mug

Customized self-heating mugs are ideal for Singapore clients and employees who work from home and enjoy tea or coffee. The mug maintains the proper temperature of beverages, ensuring that they are never too hot or cold.

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