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PSG stands for Productivity Solution Grant. It aids companies to be keen on acquiring IT treatments and multiple categories of devices to strengthen business processes. To encourage enterprises to keep on their digitalization and productivity upgrading undertakings, the maximum support level for funding has been raised to 80%. The program comes under the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM) which has been structured to argue the productivity and operational efficiency of the Environmental services industry through the adaptation of technology.

Company eligibility-

  • The company should be registered as well as should be operating in Singapore itself.
  • The purchased IT solutions and the equipment must be used in Singapore.
  • The company must amass a minimum of 30% regional shareholding
  • The annual sales turnover of the companies group should not be more than $100 million. The group employment size of the company should not be more than 200 workers.

Xero Accounting Software Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

It is a cloud-based accounting software stage for all small and medium-sized businesses. This software allows users to function in the same set of books irrespective of their location or operating system. With the adoption of the Xero PSG solution, numerous users can log onto the systems and perform their accounting works simultaneously. Thereby, it efficiently increases the whole accounting process.

If we talk about the support level, then funding support has been increased from 70 to 80%.

xero psg solution

What can you do with this accounting service?

  1. Invoicing – You can keep your cash flow healthy by transferring online invoices. As you will have the most convenient methods of online payment options.
  2. Inventory – You can easily manage the stock, track your inventory and easily add the items to invoices and orders.
  3. Dashboard- With a dashboard, you can see how cash is tracked with a fast glance at your customizable zero dashboards.
  4. Bank connections- It offers connections to your banks so that the transactions flow automatically into Xero, each business day.
  5. Bank reconciliation- You can keep track of your money coming and going with daily updates and simple bank reconciliation.
  6. Xero expenses- You can smoothly record claim and manage your expenses and receipts online.

PSG Grant in Singapore

Every owner of a company, especially those who are operating an SME, wants their business to become the go-to brand in the industry and the most trustworthy. Digital marketing has boomed up in several ways that nowadays, it is a vital tool for building the trust as well as the brand that you always wanted for your company after they are done with their business registration in the nation.

After facing the drastic challenges during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the best time to send your staff members on a course of raising their skills. You can schedule a call to understand more about Xero accounting software and how to get benefitted from the PSG grant! Rest, we at Timcole will ensure you that you are in good hands as we keep pride in ending up with enhanced functionality and productivity of the company.