Best promotional gift ideas from experts 


Giving out promotional items is a best way to keep your brand in front of potential clients. Some companies would print their brand logo on everything – mugs, mouse pads, pens, bags, and even socks! Though it isn’t a bad idea, you need to know whom are you gifting to make promotional items as a business’s advertising strategy. Here are some ideas to give out promotional products to your customers that capture their attention and interest for your company. It automatically makes an impression about your product and people sees you as creative, innovative, and fun.

Few things to consider 

First of all, you should know whom are you giving gifts – is for your customers, clients or your employees. Based on the recipients or audience, you can list different ideas, as objective is different in each case. You need to opt for a product that would strengthen and cater the working relationship. Depending on the target audience and their needs, you can choose an item that reflects your brand image. Also, you need to consider the festive occasion, such as new product launch, 15 years of success, or holiday season, you need to buy an item that strikes a chord with your recipients.    

What to gift? 

You need not go overboard with the branding; use your logo, company message in a way that it promotes your brand, but not excessively. Think of common or unique items that can be turned into a promotional product. 

Customised pen: Though common, customised pens are highly useful. You can make personalised ballpoint pen look classy. You can select from a range of colors such as burgundy, gun metal, and blue, etc, based on the metal finish of the pen. You can also add flair to writing with personalised laser engraved metal pens. 

Mug: Customise a functional coffee mug to grab attention; gift it to special clients or distribute at trade shows. Mug with a customised message is a great way to let people know about your company’s motto.  

Notebook: The wooden engraved notebook with brand’s logo and message makes it a very classy promotional item. It’s a sturdy, sophisticated corporate gift option to cultivate a loyal customer base. 

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