5 High-quality Chemical Reagents and Detection Kits To Buy


    Looking forward to buying chemical reagents? You might want to go through this guide that’ll take you through a number of reagents and application kits that can be purchased at trusted companies like Ivmbiotech.ca.

    1. Cell Culture Applications

    The following cell culture applications at IVM Biotech are totally worth your money.

    • Mycoplasma Detection Kit – It is used to detect mycoplasmas from cell culture. This particular reagent is highly responsive to 117 different species of mycoplasmas.
    • Cell Transfection Kit – This kit is used to insert DNA and RNA in the targeted cells. It is not affected even if the targeted cells have antibiotics and serums. As a result, there’s no cytotoxicity observed.
    1. PCR Applications

    The following PCR application kits provide high level of test accuracy.

    • DNA Ladder – It has DNA bands that are bright and easy to detect. It helps in visualizing better. Increased visibility at molecular level provides accurate results. The dye in this kit can be directly applied on agarose gel. It saves time and there’s least wastage.

    A few fluorescent staining dyes that can be purchased at IVM Biotech include the following.

    • Safe fluorescent RNA loading dye
    • Safe fluorescent gel staining dye
    • Safe fluorescent DNA loading dye
    1. Extraction Kits

    There’s a huge range of extraction and isolation kits that you can choose from.

    • Protein extraction kit for membrane proteins.
    • Protein extraction kit for mitochondrial proteins.
    • Protein extraction kit for nuclear proteins.
    • Protein extraction kit for cytoplasmic, nuclear, cytoskeleton, and membrane proteins.

    Whatever the type, each extraction kit is used to remove a dye from the target cells after the test has been conducted.

    1. Western Blot Applications

    Western blot applications are mostly gel solutions. Each kit is mostly composed of different components. You need to mix them and the gel is ready to use. Clearly, it’s a zero hassle procedure that contributes to the success of these gel solutions. A few noteworthy ones include the following.

    • Swiftgel SDS-page gel solution.
    • Primary antibody and affinity-enhancing buffer.
    • Premix standard-grade ECL solution.
    • Premix Femto-grade ECL solution.
    • X-ray film enhancer solution.
    • Ponceau S solution.
    • Eosin Y solution.
    • WB missing-signal recover solution.
    • Western blot stripping buffer.
    • Western blot blocking buffer.
    • Total and phospho protein detection kit.
    • Protease inhibitor cocktail.
    • Sharpening protein bands.
    • Cooling TAE running buffer.
    1. Chip and EMSA Kits

    The following 2 kits are worth your money.

    • Non-radioactive EMSA Kit
    • Standard Chip kit