Designing a Food Manufacturing Plant: Important Things to Keep in Mind


Food processing plants play an important role in modern-day survival. To ensure these facilities deliver on the advantages of food processing, their design and layout must meet some basics. Plant design covers the building, utilities, processes, and enclosed process equipment. Stendel + Reich food plant architects take their lead from clients since they know their role and industry quite well. This is what they do every day and an architect has to deliver the desired building. To get the design of a food processing plant right, there basics to keep in mind. Below are important things to consider when designing a food processing plant:

Ensuring Everything is in the Right Place

To ensure plant efficiency and optimal productivity, spaces must be placed in a way that syncs with the processes. It is important to organize the building’s layout to make sure the process flow smoothly, saving time and improving efficiency.

Practicing Transparency

Consumers will want to know where the food they consume come from. Modern food processing plants are designed to make the production process visible and have points where costumers can observe the process happening in a clean and organized way. For the business, this can help win customers. 

Understanding the Process and the Product

Architects will spend time understanding the way their clients operate. If a client operates an existing facility, an architect can spend time in the plant and observe the process. They can also learn how the process works by speaking to somebody from the plant. 

Analyzing a Building to Determine if It Complements the Process

If you are thinking about building a new food processing plant, determine if it is possible to rationalize your existing facility to improve the production process. If this is the case, your architect can design the new plant in a way that reduces disruption to the process. A reliable architect who has experience in this industry can evaluate your existing facility and determine if cost-effective improvements can be done to it without constructing a new building. 

Creating a Good Workplace

Simple things such as ensuring there is natural light and proper ventilation in a food facility can improve the work environment. Also, you may want to offer ancillary facilities and a good staff room can make a difference in the daily job experience of your workers. 

Ensuring Ease of Cleaning 

A good food processing plant design gives emphasis on the importance of ensuring the building is easy to clen and maintain. Specify which materials are easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary. Give sufficient space for facility cleaning and maintenance to happen without any disruption to the manufacturing process.