DJI Action 2 : Your Rugged Companion


Have you been hearing a lot about the new DJI Action 2? We won’t blame you because we’re in the same boat! We have developed this article where you will find all you need to know about the innovative Action 2 launched by DJI.

Action 2 : What’s The Buzz About?

With the new DJI Action 2, DJI – the leader of its class, reinvents what a camera can do. With distinct, unique tools to set, film and control a camera and utilising DJI’s unrivalled expertise in stabilisation systems, the replaceable and adaptive magnetic design provides new horizons to make every video captivating.

The DJI Action 2 is lighter, more adaptable, and efficient than its predecessor, allowing anyone to film life’s adventures in impressive 4K resolution.

The Unique Design : Modular, Compact

Its modular design allows customers to take DJI Action 2 wherever they go as it weighs only 56 grammes. It may be mounted on your surfboard to go right up to a wave, or worn firmly onto your shirt to capture an effortless, hands-free timelapse of your adventure or tour in a new city.

The camera is rugged enough to survive the highs and lows of all your adventures. It is dustproof, waterproof and drop proof. Yes! That’s true. Isn’t it great? The camera unit and other interchangeable components – the front touch screen module, power module and different mounting accessories – make up the DJI Action 2.

Ultimate Imaging System

A 1/1.7-inch sensor captures up to 4K/120fps video with amazing resolution and an amazingly 155° FOV allows you to capture the entire environment for panoramic filming. It also has a new Color Temperature Sensor that aids the camera in restoring colour tones in difficult lighting situations and underwater filming for more natural, bright results.

Smart Features

  • Record slow motion

Capture transitory emotions with persistence by recording video in slow motion (4x in 4K/120fps and 8x in 1080p/240fps).

  • Capture Timelapse and hyperlapse recordings

Control your impression of time with Timelapse and Hyperlapse to record distinctive footage. You can toggle between regular and Hyperlapse recording during Hyperlapse recording for exploring your more creative side.

  • Configure the gadget to take brief 10, 15, or 30-second videos, which are ideal for sharing on social media platforms like instagram.

Key Takeaway

The DJI Action 2 is a lightweight and smaller version of the preceding OSMO Action, with a unique interchangeable magnetic construction that allows users to connect a number of new attachments and surfaces to the device. The body shape has indeed evolved from a rectangular design to a compact, more square shape.

And the Action 2’s adaptability is also due to its square shape, which allows it to handle multiple addon attachments.

By pressing down the power button, you may turn on the gadget and start recording straight immediately, thanks to a function called SnapShot. It has all the DJI’s standard camera features, such as the ability to operate as a webcam and film time-lapse videos.

The price starts from Rs. 51,990 in India. Visit the store today and get the best price for DJI Action 2.