Everything you must know about creating a biennial statement


The biennial statement is a valid document that every other business must file once in two years. Limited partnerships and non-profit organizations can skip filing biennial statements, yet, if you are running LLCs, corporations, or LLPs then it is a must to file such reports with the Department of State. You can stay in touch with corporate services provider to establish LLC in NY and to periodically generate such reports as well.

What does the biennial statement include?

The following are the information that must be mentioned in the biennial statement.

  • LLC name
  • Service of Process address (You can mention the LLC organizer’s address after getting their consent)
  • The DOS ID Number (Department of State Number)

The biennial statement will get determined by the date on which you have chosen to file the Articles of Organization. Generally, the biennial statement shall be mailed by the starting week of the month. You must receive a reminder coming from the state once the statement turns due. LLCs that are formed through online sources shall receive an email, while the ones that are formed through mail shall receive the relevant statement in the mail.

Reasons to hire professional help:

Filing the biennial statement can be a difficult process unless you get to have professional help available by your side. Reach out to the company with whom you have previously worked in terms of setting up an LLC in NY and let them handle such statement creation process as well.

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