How Does Performance Based Fire Safety Design Work?


Even though the total commercial fire incidents are fewer than residential ones, that does not mean they will no longer happen. As a building owner, you should know that countless lives will perish if you do not take proper precautions. Consider investing in performance based fire safety design. That way, you are ready even at the least unexpected moment.

1. Assess The Impact of Various Fire Scenarios

Once you hire a fire consultant, you can expect them to ask about the architectural layout of your building. With this, they can quickly assess the various scenarios of possible fire incidents.

2. Include Different Variations

While assessing various fire scenarios, you will notice they will include different variations in random parts of your building. The different variations can be fire extinguishers and a mass supply of engineered timber in Singapore that can help prevent the fire from spreading.

3. Promote Regular Fire Drill

Your collaboration with your fire consultant will also help keep the building and everyone safe. Consider scheduling a few hours every quarter of the year to do a regular fire drill. It will help everyone to become accustomed to what they need to do if a fire happens.

4. Add Engineered Smoke Control System

There is no fire without smoke. Every fire consultant knows that, which is why you can expect yours to add an engineered smoke control system throughout your building. This machine will help regulate the air to prevent fire from growing.

5. Show Everyone That Use of Fire Safety Equipment

Knowing how to use fire safety equipment can save one’s life and everyone else’s.

Now that you know how performance-based fire safety design works, you are ready to invest in this matter. Contact SHEVS IFT Consultants at +65 6812 1399 if you want to start the integration now, along with wind driven rain simulation.