How You Would Choose The Right Business Electricity Supplier


Anyone who runs a business must not only keep an eye on electricity consumption, but also the costs of electricity. For tradespeople, the increased costs for electricity in terms of annual consumption mean an additional financial burden. However, the liberalized electric market also offers the possibility of using competitive advantages and buying commercial electricity from an alternative electricity provider at better conditions and a cheaper price (per kWh) than before. The procurement strategy of the Business Electricity provider is very different. When choosing the right product, commercial customers can benefit from the ever-increasing price differences in the offers. Since the cheapest electricity is not always the best, you can use the commercial electricity calculator to determine fair and safe electricity tariffs for selected partners online and find the right tariff tailored to your consumption in kWh and your business.

Commercial Electricity Calculator: How to Determine Your Consumption

Most companies purchase commercial electricity in the same way as a private customer. A normal household meter hangs in the basement, the bill for the electricity consumption comes once a year from the local electricity provider. If this is the case, you can immediately carry out an online electricity comparison with the electricity calculator, so compare the cheapest tariffs for commercial electricity and switch directly. All you need is the postcode of the operating location and the annual consumption in kWh. The comparison of costs for commercial electricity is shown net without sales tax.

The second customer group consists of businesses with a higher consumption of commercial electricity and a so-called registering performance measurement (RLM). This means that the electricity meter a so-called load profile meter measures every quarter of an hour how much electricity is being consumed. This measurement data is transmitted to the electricity provider via radio or a telephone socket. Anyone who purchases commercial electricity as an RLM customer can get individual offers drawn up. It carries out a tender for you, in which a number of commercial electricity providers participate. You receive the offers in a clear form and can find the right electricity provider quickly and easily.

If you are unsure and have questions about our free commercial electricity comparison, one of the tariffs listed or switching, you can get free advice from experts without obligation. You can optimize your electricity consumption with professional electric advice for companies.

Uninterrupted Supply of Commercial Electricity Is Guaranteed

If you switch suppliers of Business Electricity, you don’t have to worry about the lights going out. The transition from one electricity provider to another happens imperceptibly and is only noticeable on the billing. The meters and lines remain in the possession of the local network operator, who remains your local contact in the event of a fault.

Tariffs with Green Electricity for Businesses

For businesses that opt ​​for green electricity, the electricity calculator offers the option of displaying the relevant commercial electricity provider. The procedure is the same as for normal commercial electricity: Simply enter the postcode and the annual consumption in kWh and the electricity calculator will find the best commercial electricity tariffs. Among all the tariffs listed, you will surely find the electricity tariff that suits your business. In addition to saving operating costs, green electricity has another advantage for you: You protect the environment.