Learning The Top 5 Common Causes Of Product Malfunctions


Performance testing is one of the crucial factors in the pre-production of some fields of businesses. Manufacturers run reliability test services for the products to ensure they can pass the market’s standards and are safe to use. Some of the common industries that conduct different sorts of reliability test services are automotive, electronic devices, and medical equipment. The conduction of these tests is essentially crucial for assessing if the products are durable and high-quality enough. Through reliability test services, manufacturers will be able to pinpoint where things and which stages went down in flames in case the product malfunctions.

Aside from reliability test services, burn-in and High Temperature Operation Life (HTOL) testingare also a part of assessing the performance of a product. These tests can help resolve errors to ensure all product vulnerabilities are eliminated. If you run an electronic or manufacturing company, here are a few things you need to know to ensure your products can meet the quality standards of your potential market.


Learning The 5 Common Causes Of Product Malfunctions



One of the reasons errors in reliability test services occur is the incorrect installation of specific components. Sometimes, some pieces get installed in the wrong places and conductors, which causes a product to flop and malfunction. But it can also be a mistake in the labels or the assembler mishandles a particular component when you buy it. It is highly important that before conducting a burn in test, you must ensure that all parts are correctly and accurately attached to their proper places and areas. As a manufacturer or owner, always work with and outsource components from reliable and credible companies. It is to ensure that issues and other complications may not happen again. Also, buying authentic and high-quality components can help you save costs in the long run.


Another malfunction issue that may happen during reliability test services is the use of counterfeit components. There is no doubt that one of the business priorities of manufacturing companies is to save money. Most of the time, people buy from dubious sources as they sell cheaper alternatives or pieces, considering that many replacement parts, systems, and components are on the market. But avoid compromising your products or testing systems and replacing them with counterfeit components. It would only cause you more stress and expenses. Avoid working with questionable suppliers when buying parts and other pieces you will use during the HTOL testing or other tests. Buy from companies with a good reputation and trustworthy suppliers. These companies may sell a burn in system, integrated circuit, or other parts at a pricey rate, but rest assured their components are high-quality, durable, and help you meet the regulatory standards.


Errors and glitches while performing reliability test servicesmay also occur out of the blue because of incorrect placement of components. Having footprints or blueprints for the proper arrangements of individual elements on your product is a MUST. It may not be correctly attached and soldered to the circuit boards or other crucial parts. In manufacturing companies, having a team of skilled professionals is highly necessary. You must employ people with in-depth knowledge of electronics and experience using HTOL testing, a burn in system, and other testing systems that are commonly used to evaluate your products. That way, you are sure that all library parts and components are suitably attached to the host or circuit board. Also, they know how to read and utilise component footprints as it is their expertise.




One of the most common environmental factors used to assess a product is temperature. HTOL testing is utilised to expose either an individual component or the entire product at a high temperature level. The process is called temperature cycle testing. Generally, the test subject would go through temperature cycle testing with a temperature of 125° up to 200° or can even go higher for a couple of days. The duration typically lasts for over four days to a week, but it depends on the manufacturers. Different components have specific temperature limits, which may cause them to go down in flames. HTOL testing is necessary to inspect and evaluate how the particular piece or the entire product will manage overheating issues.


Moisture is one of the environmental factors that may cause malfunctions and errors in your manufactured goods. Reliability test services like moisture sensitivity level (MSL) testing are also required to evaluate the life expectancy and endurance of your products. Any absorbed moisture or water can be the reason for heat expansion during the process of reliability test services. Moisture can also damage random parts and may lose the adhesion of some components to the host. MSL testing detects the sensitivity level of wetness in the product. Excessive moisture levels may trigger and trouble non-hermetic solid state surface mount devices (SMDs). The MSL testing can also help with proper packaging and avoid potential damage during the soldering process to the circuit board.



The process of these performance testing and reliability test servicesis crucially essential to test the longevity and durability of your products. Without these reliability test services, your products may suffer higher chances of malfunctions, and you may also experience higher losses in expenses. If these issues and complications become out of hand, they may negatively affect your products or, worse, it may damage the name and reputation of your company.

The entire usage of a burn in system to perform a burn in test can help you save the costs of repeating tests, damaged components due to testing, failure, and warranty claims. To eliminate glitches, perform reliability test services on your products and schedule regular maintenance checkups for your testing systems.

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