Marketing Review Checklist


When running a business, you should always be seeking ways to improve. As the day-to-day face of your firm, this is particularly true for the marketing department. Take the time to go through three main focus areas, perception of the company, how growth marketing is being handled and your customer interactions.

Review Public Perception

Before you can understand where changes need to be made, you need to understand the public perception of your company. Start with a Google search. This will give you a general idea of how your company is being viewed. Then, look at pages like Trustpilot to understand how customers are talking about your company. All of this will help you understand the current state of your company’s reputation.

Find Areas of Growth

Next, look at how your company is handling its growth marketing strategy. Working with experts, such as Eyal Gutentag, can help you the most with identify how to improve growth in your company. Even if you are already receiving a good amount of business, there is always room to expand your consumer and marketing base. Review what tactics are working and what avenues can you utilize to reach potential customers and markets.

Review Your Outreach

Finally, review how your customer interactions are being handled. These points of contact are where the trust can be built or broken between your company and your consumers. Look at your current marketing outreach strategies such as email and social media, to see what information is being shared and how. Make sure that your company is on message and communicating your story correctly.

A business can always benefit from reviewing and improving. Quick checks on your marketing department are easy ways to catch problems before they arise and develop preventative strategies. Make sure your company’s story is being told correctly.