Packaging Recommendation for Molded Pulp Solutions


The emphasis on a sustainable lifestyle is more potent today. Current projections predict a global environmental disaster in the next decade if urgent changes are not made. Yet, goods must be transported securely. Today, molded pulp packaging is an essential topic in the packaging industry, and for good reasons too.

What is Molded Pulp?

Molded pulp is made from paper, paperboard, and newsprint. The materials are processed into pulp and made into casts. The demand for molded pulp solutions has increased in the last decade, but many consumers may be skeptical about it. However, molded pulp is superior in quality and benefits polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.) polyvinyl chloride.

The materials for making molded pulp are readily available, recyclable, and 100% environmentally friendly. Today, consumers and manufacturers are strongly encouraged to adopt biodegradable materials that will help to lessen our collective carbon footprint. Molded pulp is 100% recyclable; even when the packaging loses its durability, it can be recycled to make new packaging.

Molded pulp packaging brings more benefits to manufacturers and consumers than the other packaging. Adopting recyclable molded pulp for your packaging needs is an excellent decision to increase your business profits in specific ways.

Benefits of Molded Fiber Packaging

The following are the benefits of adopting molded pulp for packaging:

Strength and durability protect the item: Molded pulp is reinforced during processing. The result is a solid and durable packaging solution that can withstand most mechanical impact as goods are transported. The sheer durability of molded pulp ensures a longer lifespan than synthetic packaging solutions.

Low cost of production: Because the raw materials are readily available, producing molded pulp is cheap and certainly cost-effective. Your business can save more by using molded pulp packaging.

Lightweight saves transportation costs: Businesses pay more for transporting goods with traditional packaging due to an increase in the total weight. But with molded pulp, the total weight is not increased significantly. Your goods can be transported at a far lower cost.

Protection for a wide range of items: Using molded pulp, you can safely transport anything from home electronics and appliances to office equipment, fragile products, food, cosmetics, and storage materials.

Reduced environmental wastes: You can contribute towards global efforts to keep our earth green by adopting molded fiber packaging made from natural resources. If the global demand increases, more waste papers will be recycled to make packaging.

Your business cannot go wrong with pulp packaging. Global demand is expected to rise by 2022.