Seeking Truth: How Can a Private Detective Help You?


Like yin and yang, humans can be good and evil depending on the situation. A human being can love, deceive, help, betray, or worse, kill. What makes it more complicated is the entanglement of human relationships. Yes, nobody’s perfect, but it’s never right to hurt other people, and for this reason, people do things outside of their morals and values. If this happens, a private detective might help bring back the goodness in an evil world.

Now, unbeknownst to your consciousness, many crimes are happening around the world, from the most minor to most significant. Maybe a salesperson is trying to scam gullible people into their scheme, a loving spouse cheated because of misunderstanding, or an employee secretly participates in a fraud scam. Unfortunately, you can’t solve all of these alone, and you need a private detective in Singapore to seek truth and justice for the victim.

To battle evil with righteousness, here are the ways a private detective can discover the secrets of everyday life problems.

6 Ways on How a Private Detective Can Help You Seek Truth

Most people think of a private detective based on a movie like Sherlock Holmes. A detective walks along an alley while discovering an old library and talking with an unusual person. Of course, people also assume all detectives wear an overcoat with a fedora while holding a magnifying glass.

However, in reality, a private detective in Singapore is also a professional with analytical, organisation, and critical thinking skills. They have the expertise to discover truth according to the laws and regulations. There’s a system when you want a private detective to help you, and of course, you should respect the process to bring justice in your hand.

To help you get started, here are the ways on how a detective agency in Singapore can help you seek the truth:


1)  On Divorce

Not all weddings are happily ever after because some turn into a twisted relationship full of betrayals. If you’re suspecting your spouse about infidelity or hiding an asset, you can ask for help from a private investigation company to find what’s the real deal. Don’t worry because a private detective will have a legal team supporting the investigation process.

As such, they will help you find evidence that can support your suspicion. Detectives can provide photographs, documents, or testimonials to support your statements during the court battle.  The private detective will find concrete evidence to bring out the truth. Given the support to your position, you’ll be able to have the justice you deserve.

2)  Child Custody

Family is indeed full of love, but sometimes, family relationships are complicated due to greed and jealousy. As mentioned above, divorce is a complex situation affecting even your kids. If you can’t reach an amicable decision, you should turn into a private detective to know whether your soon-to-be ex-spouse is deserving of child custody.

You can trust a detective agency in Singapore to check if your children are safe within the hands of your ex-spouse. You can hire them for surveillance while your kids go to school or in any public place. Additionally, you can also entrust their private eye to check if your ex-spouse is taking care of the children as well.

3)  Missing Individual/ Locating Long-Lost Relative

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it’s different if a person is missing or you have no idea about the whereabouts. Instead of increasing fonder, you’ll feel more anxious day by day! If you can’t take the overwhelming emotions, you can turn into a private investigation company to trace the people you want to meet again.

Did a friend go missing after visiting a suspicious person? Don’t waste a day and go partner with a private detective right away because they have legal proceedings in finding a missing person.

If you want to locate a long-lost relative, you can also ask for help from a private detective in Singapore. They can discover what happened to them and may offer solutions so you can contact them again.

4)  Company Fraud

Whether small or big, simple dishonesty can lead to financial losses of your business. Since most companies rely on the internet, you should be careful about the data you put online and on your computers. As a business owner, you need to protect business-critical information from cybercriminals. If an unfortunate event happens, and your company suffers from scam or fraud, better call a private detective for a thorough investigation.

In Singapore, a detective can also provide digital solutions to your everyday problems. They can help extract suspicious usage from your online accounts. Upon doing this, you’ll be able to trace the culprit behind the company fraud. You can also prevent cybercriminals from hacking sensitive information from your company.

5)  Plagiarism/ Counterfeit Products

It’s also possible to steal intellectual property. If you suspect that someone is stealing your ideas, you can look for a private detective to uncover the whole situation’s truth. If, for instance, you have a business and you see someone copying your products, you may turn to a detective agency in Singapore for legal proceedings.

If you don’t do the proper action, it may affect your brand reputation and overall business performance. So, rely on private authorities to help give credit to what is due. Also, private detectives can provide market research, product examining, and legal support.

6)  Private Surveillance

Everyone experiences injustice in their lives. And, if you want to bring justice to the things you want to change, you can ask for help from a private investigation company in Singapore. They can provide in-person surveillance to help uncover the truth and satisfy your curiosity. After all, most people believe that to see is to believe.

If you have a witness, you’ll have strong support that can win over your legal battles. On top of this, they can also do intensive interviewing from civilians that can support your opposition.  Keep in mind that a private detective will only do this based on legalities.

The truth will indeed set you free. So, support your position with the help of CDIC consultants, a detective agency in Singapore.  Contact a private detective at their website here to share all your concerns.