The Owner of a Preeminent Architectural Firm! Meet Nan Chul Shin!


Owner Nan Chul Shin of Nan Inc. endured a challenging path to the top 25 contractors. Despite coming from a modest background, the richest Hawaiian builder ultimately achieved tremendous success because of his passion and persistence. His ambitions motivated him, and he was confident in his ability to achieve them. Back in 1990, he founded the company from scratch, and since then, it has expanded steadily. Before going into business for himself, he worked as an employee in the construction sector. He wasted little time rejoicing in his accomplishments when they started to pay off in 1999 and he was named one of Hawaii’s top contractors. Patrick Shin is a household name in Hawaii now that he has had such a huge impact on the building industry there.

His ambitious goals, formidable construction skills, and shrewd business sense won him a number of lucrative commissions and worldwide recognition. Hawaii General Contractor is well-known in Hawaii for its municipal contracts and the numerous defense-related contracts it has won. His firm is well-known in the industry for its enormous construction capacity, having completed a wide range of projects including new construction, restoration of historic buildings, construction of administrative and office buildings, construction of highways and roads, construction of utilities, and construction of force protection. Owner of Nan Inc. building has won various prizes, attesting to his widespread acclaim and ongoing success.

In the domains of preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build, Nan Chul Shin is well-known for having completed more than 2,500 projects. His businesses have expanded to all four of Hawaii’s major islands. The realization of Nan Inc. ‘s founder’s dream of growing into one of Hawaii’s top contracting firms is the company’s greatest accomplishment to date. It’s hardly surprising that he’s become famous given his honesty and practicality in the profession.

Even though the general contractor made a lot of money in Hawaii, it didn’t stop him from giving back to the community. Through his background and job as a social worker, he maintained a sense of modesty and generosity. Yes, Nan Chul Shin, as Patrick Shin, is a kind donor in addition to being a wealthy entrepreneur. When in a position to do so, Patrick Shin never hesitates to aid people less fortunate, whether at home or overseas. He has donated to several causes, including educational institutions and homes for abandoned children in Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Patrick Shin, owner of nan inc construction is a humble man who has never been puffed up by his success. The reality is, he’s only made it this far because of his own unwavering principles. I hope and pray that God blesses him abundantly so that he may continue to serve others who are less fortunate.