8 Questions To Ask An Online Florist In Singapore


Giving flowers like a baby breath bouquet has become an unwritten tradition that most every country follows. Despite the concept of giving flowers as old as the times of the Ancient Greeks, it remains relevant today. The existence of flowers helps people communicate and express their deepest feelings without saying a word to the recipients.

Flowers have the power to convey things that cannot be expressed, such as thanks for a friend’s help or a declaration of unwavering love. If you want to give flowers for your upcoming wedding anniversary in Singapore or any other occasion, you should purchase from the right florist. Ask questions so you can obtain more information about your prospective online florists, weigh your options and make an informed decision.

1. How to make fresh flowers last longer?

The average lifespan of fresh flowers is around seven to twelve days. Professionally grown fresh flowers, however, last long differently, depending on how they were taken care of until they blossom.

2. Do cut flowers need sunlight?

Since you barely know about botany, let alone about flowers, it is normal not to know whether or not cut flowers need sunlight. Asking this question will prompt the online florist to give instructions on what to do after receiving a tulips bouquet and other flowers in Singapore.

3. Can I send flowers anonymously?

In most cases, they do. But some flower shops do not have a policy that allows their clients to send flowers to someone anonymously.

4. How many types of flowers do you have?

Asking this question allows you to know how many options you have in selecting flowers for a birthday bouquet or other floral arrangements in Singapore. The more flowers they have, the better. You can ask the online florist to use two or more types of flowers in your order.

5. Do you take custom orders?

Besides the floral arrangements shown in the catalogue, florists nowadays give freedom to their customers through custom orders. However, there are still some restrictions, especially if customers are on a budget,

6. How soon should I place my order?

Knowing the answer to this question allows you to know how soon you should order for your upcoming event. Remember that rush orders often come with additional charges, especially for complex custom orders.

7. Do you charge a delivery fee?

An online florist in Singapore may charge a delivery fee if the destinations are the airport, hospital, and beach. Asking this question enables you to know if you have to pay more on top of your order’s total amount.

8. What flowers do you recommend?

An experienced online florist can recommend flowers based on their customers’ preferences. When you ask this question, ensure that you already let the online florist know what the flowers are for, like the occasion.

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