The Process of Buying A Second Home


Homeowners consider the benefits of buying a second home when they have paid off their debts and their primary property. A second home could give them a great option for vacations and excursions in different areas. The property would also be a great choice for out-of-town family who visit often.

Comparing Mortgage Options

When comparing mortgage options, borrowers discover that when buying a second home, they cannot use an FHA mortgage. The loan program is restricted to the borrower’s primary residence. They cannot buy a second home or even a vacation home with the FHA. They could get a conventional mortgage to purchase the second home, and they won’t face any restrictions when completing the purchase.

Do They Have Qualifying Credit Scores?

When reviewing credit score requirements, they discover that they need a credit score of at least 580 to get a conventional mortgage. However, it is advisable for the borrower to improve their credit scores before purchasing a second home.

This can give them access to better interest rates and mortgages. Higher than average credit scores make it easier for the borrower to get a lower interest rate and improve their chances of getting approved for the mortgage if they have an existing mortgage on their primary home.

How Much Will They Pay Down?

If they choose a conventional mortgage, the borrower will pay around 20% down for the second home. Since it is not the primary home, the first-time buyer’s programs are not attainable, and even if they have excellent credit scores, the borrower will not avoid a down payment for the property. Borrowers who are ready to get a mortgage can get help from Veterans Community right now.

What Insurance Do They Need?

First, they will need homeowner’s insurance to cover the property and protect it against common perils. Since it is a second home, they will need vacant property coverage when they are not staying in the property. The coverage protects against property damage and financial losses if someone breaks into the property.

Squatters are a major concern for property owners who have a second home. They will need to get a security surveillance system to keep outsiders out of the property and prevent a potential break-in or squatters trying to live in the property when the owner is away.

Fees and Closing Costs

Home buyers will need to get title insurance to protect their earnest money and down payment. Next, they will negotiate with the seller to determine what party pays the closing costs. They will need to purchase all insurance policies defined in the mortgage contract before the closing. The lender will conduct a wire transfer and send the money to the seller when the sale is final.

Homeowners who are preparing to buy a second home need to review their financing options. The purchase of a second home is a major investment, and the buyer must review the requirements for the new home purchase. Buyers can learn more about buying a second home by contacting a lender now.