The Top Signs It May be Time for a Divorce


When two people get married, they expect the best. No one goes into a marriage expecting to divorce. However, as time passes, one or both people in the relationship may begin to question the relationship. One of the people may even think about separation, living independently, or filing for divorce.

For those who are not sure what is right for their life, there is some help. Keep reading for some of the tell-tale signs it may be time to file for divorce.

Communication Issues

One of the most common causes of divorce, according to attorneys from law firms like the one at, is communication issues. More specifically, the problem is a lack of communication, which ultimately causes a couple to separate and divorce. Couples must work as a team, and they need to be able to go to one another for support and understanding. They should also be able to discuss the big and little things in their life.

If arguments occur, they should not focus on who is wrong or right. If a couple constantly feels like they are at odds with one another, and they are no longer able to have conversations about the things that really matter, it is a sign that divorce may be the best option.

Lack of Intimacy

Another sign that divorce may be on the horizon, or that it should be, is if there is a lack of intimacy in a marriage. This is a bad sign. Intimacy is a crucial aspect of any marriage. In fact, it is the main difference between a romantic relationship and a friendship.

There could be lulls or times when one person may need space, but if a couple cannot remember the last time, they were intimate, it could be a serious red flag. If it is not something the couple can overcome, a divorce may be the only option.

Lack of Trust

Throughout life, a person’s spouse is one of the prominent people they go to and trust. It is not possible to feel comfortable in a marriage if the trust does not exist. More than a few things may cause a lack of confidence, including disrespectful behaviour, lying, and infidelity. It is never a good sign if someone is continually second-guessing their partner or having issues believing what the other person tells them.

There Is Contempt

Another marriage killer is contempt. This can range from just resenting a person’s partner to completely despising them. One person’s mood may change from being good to bad just in the presence of the other person. When one person in a relationship criticizes the other one frequently and stops treating them like an equal, it is a clear indication that divorce may be on the horizon.

When it comes to divorce, it is not something to enter into lightly. While this is true, it is also important to pay attention to the signs that this change may be needed. If someone is thinking about divorce, talking with a divorce attorney is a smart first step.