Why is Indoor Air Purification Systems Important?


There is always a price we pay for innovation. In a small yet developed country like Singapore, there are numerous things we pay for to have a quality standard of living in one of the most thriving economies in the world. One of the disadvantages of our economical progress is the level of air pollution islandwide. This poses a huge problem not only to the government but to individual citizens as well. Let’s take a closer look at the air pollution in Singapore.

Is our air safe to breathe?

One of the drawbacks of highly urbanized regions across the world is air pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) has set a recommended concentration of pollutants in the air at PM2.5 targets of 10 µg/m³. In 2019, Singapore had exceeded this limit in two folds having a PM2.5 concentration of 19 µg/m³. This labelled our country’s level of air pollution as “moderate”.

Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) and National Environmental Agency (NEA) evaluated the Advisory Committee’s recommendations as well as the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) pledges, which were established in 2009 to attain an annual mean of PM2.5 concentration 12µg/m3 by 2020. The agencies collaborated with relevant government agencies and other stakeholders to develop a revised set of targets to attain national air quality based on the WHO’s recommendation.

To help Singapore meet these air quality goals by 2020, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has created a plan with a set of mitigation measures that would allow the country to achieve long-term growth and development while protecting public health without compromising the competitiveness of our economy.

Living in a country that suffers from serious air pollution is difficult despite the privileges our economy offers. Prolonged exposure to polluted air can cause several respiratory problems and is proven to shorten life expectancy. Thus, it is crucial to do something about the problem aside from the government’s effort.

The Need for Indoor Air Purification Systems


Indoor air purification systems have been one of the most effective and popular ways to minimize our exposure to polluted air. Whether in our own homes, workplaces, or commercial establishments, an air purifier can make indoor air pollution-free and safe to breathe in.

A device that eliminates impurities from the air in a space to enhance the indoor air quality is known as an air purifier or air cleaner. These devices are introduced in the market as being helpful to allergy and asthmatic patients, as well as decreasing or eliminating secondhand smoke.

Commercial air purifiers are available in two types: compact stand-alone devices for car, room, home, and office and bigger ones that can be attached to an air handler or an HVAC unit in the hospital, industrial, or commercial establishments. In industry, air purifiers can be used to eliminate contaminants from the air before it is processed. Adsorption techniques such as pressure swing reactors or other adsorption techniques are commonly employed as its mechanism.

Here are some of the proven benefits of an indoor air purifier:


It filters pollen

One of the most common air pollutants in the world, and especially in the Asian Region, is pollen. Although not generally harmful in our system, pollen can cause seasonal allergies. In Singapore and its neighbouring countries, seasonal pollen allergies are common occurrences. With the help of an air purifiers’ filtration system, you can get rid of pollen inside your property where your family stays the longest.

It prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses

When your indoor is constantly visited by people from various areas outdoor, the spread of bacteria and viruses can pose a threat. One such example is the spread of the Covid-19 virus in many countries. With an indoor air purification system, you can guarantee that the air you breathe is being rid of bacteria and viruses that can cause several diseases.

It minimisesodour

In reality, the foul-smelling air we breathe in when we are inside a vehicle or in a room is caused by bacteria suspended in the air. With the antibacterial properties of a home air purifier, the bad smell can be minimised to your advantage.

It helps in lessening stress

Did you know that polluted air causes stress? That is the very reason why we easily feel overwhelmed in the city and have peace of mind when we go to the beach or the countryside. When you use an office air purifier, you’ll have the luxury of relieving your employees and yourself some of the stress of daily life.

Where should you install an indoor air purifier?


The next thing you are probably wondering about is where you should install an indoor air purifier to enjoy the quality, clean and healthy air you deserve. Depending on the size of your indoor purification system, it can be used in the following areas:


The inside of your car can be uncomfortable when the air is polluted with pollen, pet’s hair, sweat and carbon monoxide emission from the streets. A compact car air purifier can help cleanse the air inside your car for a refreshing drive.


Whether you have your own office or you share an entire workplace with other colleagues, it is important to use an office air purifier. Since people from various places come and go inside the office, the air can sustain several bacteria and viruses. For a safer workplace, purifying the air is important.


Home air purifiers are a blessing to one’s house. You can place one in your bedroom and one in your living room to efficiently filter the air contaminants. If you are living in an open-plan house, an air purifier can also rid of the smell from your kitchen as well as the laundry area.


Managing a food business? Minimising the risk of contamination is crucial to get your business going. An air purifier can help filter bacteria and viruses to keep your raw ingredients safe from cross-contamination.

Investing in an indoor air purification system can be one of the wisest decisions you can make for your home and business. Even though it is difficult to combat air pollution entirely, you can always extend an extra effort to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. With quality air purifiers, safe indoor air is possible.