Overall Idea in Selling the Gold Jewellery


Jewels are items that are not only of high commercial value but also emotional. Therefore, when selling them, it is important to ensure that they are well evaluated and the financial return is really fair. Stay with us and check out our tips.

Choosing Jewelry to Sell

It is better to sell just one valuable, robust piece of jewelry than several smaller ones. After all, each piece has a special meaning that you would rather preserve. For Selling gold jewellery this is important.

But it is important to try to respect your attachment to the maximum by a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch or watch. If the most expensive piece is also the most affective, move on to a larger volume of less valuable ones.

Focus mainly on items you never used or used less. The likelihood of you using them again is small. Many times their style has changed, opportunities to use them have become scarce, and it really doesn’t make much sense to keep them anymore. Gold jewelry and wristwatches usually have a higher resale value – especially if they are from luxury brands. Yes, the signature of the jewelry that created them has a great appeal with the specialized appraisers.

Ancient and rare jewels, passed down from generation to generation, too. The same is true with sets of earrings, ring and necklace, for example. Not just because they are more items but because they are that: a set.

However, each part of the set must be evaluated separately. After all, depending on the value assigned individually and the difficulty of selling the set, you can offer it individually.

Do not confuse Jewelry Market with Gold Market

It is important to note that those who buy gold are very different from those who buy jewelry. Goldsmiths are basically interested in the quantity of gold and the quality of the precious stones contained in the piece. Your goal will be to melt the gold and give it other purposes, either by entering the bar market or creating other earrings, bracelets, rings.

Legitimate jewelry buyers, on the other hand, will take into account the design of the pieces, their brands – in short, all the characteristics besides metal and stones. This will add even more value to the jewelry.

Furthermore, on an affective level, you will feel that the object you are getting rid of is being respected, and will be appreciated in its entirety.

Be Picky in Choosing a Buyer

Jewelry buyers should have a specialist available to carry out an assessment of what you are taking to them. If you have documents detailing the piece (purity of the metal, provenance of the stones), even better. It will work as a quality guarantee that cannot be ignored when establishing your resale price. Offering them in their original packaging also makes a difference.


Then, the store will be able to buy it immediately. Or make a consignment proposal, where you receive the money when the resale to a third party is made. If this is the case, be sure to generate a document that ensures that the pieces in possession of the store are yours, the time for resale and the amount owed by the store to you after the resale takes place. However, if you decide not to sell your jewelry to that buyer, you can look for other stores with guarantors. Depending on the place, the pieces may be even more valued.