Single-Page Website Vs. Multi-page Website


Are you thinking of hiring a Denver digital marketing agency for your business needs? In digital marketing, one of the most confusing things that clients face is deciding if they want a single-page website or a multi-page website. If this is you, you’ll find the answer that you need here.

Single-Page Website

A single-page website is a website that has all content on a single page; there are no links to other pages on the website, and all actions are performed on that page. A single page functions as a home page, a contact page, a products page, and even a shopping page. Single-page websites are mostly hosted on a shared domain that gives an unlimited number of users the permission to build a free page on their website using pre-coded templates and have it hosted with them. However, single-page websites can be coded from scratch, registered to a unique domain, and hosted on a private server.

Multi-Page Website

A multi-page website has dedicated pages that are linked to various features or buttons on the website. Multi-page websites direct users to another page from the one on which they click the button and often contain different content. Multi-page websites can be built from scratch or built on a shared domain that comes with pre-coded templates.

The advantages and applications of single-page and multi-page websites are unique to each of them. According to Denver digital marketing agency, making a choice between both would depend on your needs and the purpose.

For many digital marketing campaigns, a single-page website is used to direct traffic to the advertiser. Sometimes, you click on an ad, and a single-page website loads, and at the end of the website, you’ll find a single button that leads to a payment page, a WhatsApp inbox, or some other destination. Such pages are called landing pages and are perfect for digital marketing campaigns for businesses without much internet presence. The major advantages of a single-page website are that it is easy to create one, they don’t cost much, and they are great for catching attention.

But it is best to create a multi-page website. Why? According to Denver digital marketing agency, a multi-page website can have a dedicated page to build a single-page landing for digital marketing campaigns. The website can also have other pages that are not linked to the landing page. That makes more sense because it gives you more control over your business and marketing strategies.